Downloadable Werewolf pictures


Fed up of lousy backgrounds on your computer? Then feel free to take any of the pictures below - right click on the links to save trying to view a large picture. Typical pictures are between 100-300KB. Key to pictures below.

Please be aware that downloading every picture in one session will strain my bandwidth allowance.

Legalise: I believe all these pictures are still copyright their original artist. Please make sure you credit them with their work. You may also wish to visit the original producers of Rage, WW and FRPG.

Werewolf pictures part I (A-G)

Angus the White Howler Scott Fischer WW Limited largeVictim w/w
A Tear for the Prey Drew Tucker RALV5 largeEvent w/w
Avahuasca Andrew Kudelka WW WotA largeVictim w/s
Bain of Pain Craig Maher RALV4 largeEnemy
Bandit Blackmane (lupus) Thomas M. Baxa Equinox medium, portraitCharacter
Bandit Blackmane (crinos) Thomas M. Baxa Equinox medium, portraitCharacter
Battle Fervor Brian LeBlanc WW WotA largeCombat
Beast-of-War Ron Spencer WW Wyrm mediumTotem w/w
Board of Directors John K. Snyder WW WotA largeBoard Meeting
Bodyguard Darren Frydendall RALV2 largeVictim w/h
Book of the Weaver Steve Stone WtA huge, portrait
Brackt (lupus) Clint Langley RALV3 smallCharacter
Brackt (crinos) Clint Langley RALV3 smallCharacter
Business Merger William O'Connor WW Wyrm mediumBoard Meeting
Caern of the Crescent Moon Brian LeBlanc WW Umbra mediumCaern w/l
Caern of the Weeping Daughter Rob Alexander WW Umbra largeCaern w/l
Camouflage Anthony Hightower RALV2 large, narrowGift w/w
Catfeet Aileen Miles WW Limited medium/tallGift
Charging Bull (crinos) Richard Kane Ferguson WW Limited large,portraitCharacter
Chimera John Matson WW Limited largeTotem
Conflict of Interest (posterised) Richard Thomas RALV3 largeEvent w/tree
Connections Lee Fields WW LotT largeEvent w/w
Corporate Takeover Scott Fischer WW Wyrm mediumEvent w/h
Curb Stomp Ron Spencer WW Wyrm largeCombat
Dark Times Ahead Clint Langley Equinox largeEvent
Devin Silent Walker (homid) Brian LeBlanc RALV3 smallCharacter
Devin Silent Walker (crinos) Brian LeBlanc RALV3 smallCharacter
Diem (crinos) Lawrence Allen Williams WW Limited large,portraitCharacter
Disrupter Richard Thomas RALV2 largeEnemy
Dragon Andrew Kudelka WW WotA mediumTotem
Dugal Steady-Hand (homid) Scott M. Fischer RALV3 smallCharacter
Dugal Steady-Hand (crinos) Scott M. Fischer RALV3 smallCharacter
Earl Cotton Ron Spencer WWWW smallCharacter
Enviromental Action Mark Jackson WW Wyrm mediumEvent
Fellwar the Cursed (metis) Scott Fischer RALV3 medium, portraitCharacter
Fenris Lawrence Snelly RALV1 largeTotem
Fenris Lawrence Snelly RALV1 huge (I mean it)Totem
Fireclaw (crinos) William O'Connor WW Limited large,portraitCharacter
Fireclaw (crinos) William O'Connor RALV2 large,portraitCharacter
Flamethrower Mike Chaney & Mike Carter WW WotA medium,portraitEquipment
Fractured Nephandus Ash Arnett & Richard Thomas WW LotT mediumEnemy
Friends in High Places Scott Fischer WW Wyrm largeEvent w/w
Gaia's Vengeance Brian LeBlanc WW Limited medium,tallGift
Gang Beating William O'Connor WW Wyrm mediumCombat
Gates of Malfeas Brian LeBlanc WW Wyrm smallEvent
Granola Pete Lawrence Snelly WW WotA mediumVictim w/h
Griffin Avatar Ron Spencer WW LotT largeAlly
Grekko Goodheart (metis) William O'Connor RALV2 medium,portraitCharacter
Grimm Brings-Blood (metis) Scott Fischer WW LotT large,portraitCharacter

: werewolf | w/h : human | w/l : landscape
WW * : Card originally in WW Rage, expansion *
Limited also means Unlimited
Umbra : (2nd set)
Wyrm : (3rd set)
WotA : War of the Amazon (4th set)
LotT : Legacy of the tribes (5th set)
RALV* : Rage Across Las Vegas, phase *
Equinox : the last FRPG expansion
WWWW : WereWolf the Wild West (RpG)
WtA : Werewolf, the Apocalypse (RpG)
The sizes are very approximate:-
Large : the picture mostly fits on a 17" screen at 1024x768;
Medium : the picture takes up half this screen or more;
Small : smaller than medium (not tiny);
huge : much bigger than the above screen
portrait : more height than width
tall : very thin


I found that zipping only reduced the .jpg files by 30KB so you can (with time/a fast connection) look at the pictures before you take them. The 1200dpi pictures may have residue stripes - I don't know why they appear but I learned from my mistakes; some pictures are slightly edited to remove blood/moons etc.

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See Fenris's page for information on the latest Rage cards (date 2003 & 2004)