Rage: Apocalypse Rulings

These rulings ONLY apply to Rage: Apocalypse, originally published from White Wolf (aka Classic Rage, or Rage1). They do NOT apply to the new version of Rage: Tribal War, originally published by Five Rings Publishing Group as Rage Across Las Vegas (aka Rage2 or RALV).

In all cases, consult the Rules and Unlimited Spoiler list for the actual text of cards. All cards are played with the Most-Recent Printing Rule in effect.

Recent changes are marked with the date they were made. Anything without a date listed was done before November 2006.

Skip the general questions, go to alphabetical card list.

LAST UPDATE: November 6th (changes within last three months are in red)

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Terminology and general questions

What is a Character as opposed to a Garou?
Okay, before giving you the rundown on nomenclature, let me admit to you that it was a lot inconsistent in the Limited Edition, and is still a little bit in the Unlimited. That said, the following guidelines should resolve almost all questions about card intent.

  1. When the term character is used on combat cards, it has no restrictive effect. Any entity meeting the requirements to use a combat card may use it. Just remember that enemies and victims may NOT use Combat Event cards, only Combat Actions.
  2. When the term character is used on sept cards, it refers to any two-sided character card. (metis, 7th gen, and things that only have one 'side' are still characters) EXCEPTION: Non-fetish equipment that says "character" may be used by non-characters. (Nov 2007)
  3. When the term Garou is used on sept cards, that's precisely what it means. It only applies to two-sided werewolf cards, not allies nor enemies nor other shapeshifters. This, of course, can be superseded just like case 2 above.

The Fang Necklace of Fenris, The Stolen Wolf, Rite of Passage, and Moon Sign all specifically say "Garou," either as user or the target. Can Fera use/be targetted by them?
Nope, Garou means Garou here.

How about the gifts which say "The Garou using this Gift ..."? Can Wyrm (those that are not Garou) use them?
If the Gift says "Garou using...", ignore it. Anyone can use it (provided they meet the prerequisite, of course). If the Gift says "the Garou targeted" or some such, then that Gift ONLY affects Garou.

How about the gifts which say "The character using this Gift ..."? Can Prey or Allies use them?
NO. Wording is slightly inconsistent on some items, but when it says the user is a 'character' it really, honest to god, is character only. This is true for all types of cards except combat cards and non-fetish equipment. Ignore the term "character" on them. Assume it says "creature". (Nov 2007)

Some cards have effects against Enemies. Does this mean only enemies in the Hunting Grounds or enemy packs?
In RAGE, the term "enemy" applies specifically and only to Enemy cards.

What is the Rage definition of an "opponent"? Is your opponent only the characters and allies controlled buy other players or is your opponent anything you are in combat with?
An "opponent" is anyone you are in combat against. It's one of those "uber-terms" that include Allies, Victims, Enemies, characters, woodchucks, etc.

Something targets X Gifts, X Allies, X Caerns, etc. Is it an X if it was brought into play under a requirement other than X?
Generally no. A few creatures share a requirement and a creature type. However, in most cases, unless it has the keyword in the text, and you brought it into play under a different requirement, it can't be targetted as an X. For example, if a Gift is playable by Ahrouns and Get of Fenris and something that affects "auspice gifts" came into play, the Gifts would be affected if it was played by an Ahroun... but not if it was played by a Get of Fenris. (March 2007)

What does "1 full turn" mean, exactly?
It means a full turn, as closely as you can approximate it. For instance, if you use Beastmind at the beginning of Moot Phase, that Gift will expire at the beginning of the next Moot Phase.

What's the difference between healing damage, regenerating damage, and removing a damage card?
This crops up in the text of several cards, so here goes. Remember that some cards will change these definitions; in that case, the cards take precedence.

One of my creatures is affected by two card effects. One says it must do X. One says it's can't do X. What takes precedence?
"Cannot" and "Will not" take precedent over "Can" and "Must". If something prevents you being Alpha, then an effect which says you must be alpha does nothing (this does not count as cancelling the effect though). If two effects clash but do not fall under this rule (e.g. two creatures must take the last alpha action), the effect which resolved last takes precedence. If neither rule applies, decide randomly. (Sept. 2007)

X prevents or cancels 'actions'. What's the difference between Actions, Combat Actions, and actions?
Combat Actions are a specific card type. Things that target "combat actions" target only Combat Actions. Some items target Actions, note the capital A. This again refers to a card type, namely Actions. Combat Actions are not considered Actions (the card type). The last group, actions, covers all actions, including combat actions and Actions. Here's a list of what is and is not an 'action'. (Nov. 2006)

The following occurrences are not considered actions.

I was hit with something that prevent me from taking any actions except "defending myself if attacked". What's that mean?
A few cards say you can't take any actions except defending yourself if attacked. "Defending yourself" allows you to play Combat Actions if attacked. It does NOT allow you to take other actions. If you somehow get dragged into a pack action, but weren't the original target of the attack, you can't play combat actions. See the list (above) of actions verses non-actions for more details on what you can and cannot do. (March 2007)

Character Forms

How do I get back into my breed form?
Most of the time you won't want to; however, there are a few Gifts, at least one Moot, and several other methods of changing form. Remember, though, that if you change back into your breed form and your damage exceeds your Health, you shrivel up and die!

My character has taken damage and changed into Crinos form, when does she switch back to her breed form?
She won't. Not unless a card forces her back. Once your character switches to Crinos for they'll remain that way until the end of the game.

My character's breed form Rage is higher than his Health! Will he die before going Crinos?
There's a few rare characters that have Rage higher than their Breed form health. A character will shift to Crinos form before dying.

Some characters have their Gnosis change between their two forms. Is that right?
Yes. This mostly occurs with Banes and Unbound, but a few creatures also have this occur. Most gain Gnosis in Battleform, but a few lose it. Read carefully. (Nov. 2006)


When one of a character's statistics falls below 1, does he become unable to take actions?
Only if the card reducing him to below 1 specifically states that he can do nothing (like The Piper). Otherwise, he is not considered to be unable to take an action.


If a Rivalry exists with a newer version of a returning character, does that Rivalry apply for the older version of the character as well? For example, King Albrecht has a Rival in LotT. Would that Rivalry also apply for the Lord Albrecht character card?
The Rivalry only applies to the cards from Legacy. It says on the character cards who has Rivalries with whom.

Does this mean that they *must* attack each other, or that (similar to the Uktena Wyrmfoe card) *if* they attack something, it must be the Rival?
If they attack something, it must be the Rival if the Rival is a valid target. If the Rival is not a valid target, they can attack whatever they want. See additional in the rules under Forced Attacks.


Can you recruit allies while in the Umbra?
You must be able to interact with Allies to recruit them. Thus Allies that only exist in the Umbra can only be recruited if you have an appropriate character in the Umbra. Ditto for real world only creatures like the Kinfolk Vet. If your only character that can recruit the Vet is in the Umbra, you'll have to wait until that character gets back from the Umbra to recruit the Vet. (Nov. 2006)

Can Allies equip with fetish/Bane fetish Equipment?
Yes. Of course, some fetishes can only be used by characters.

My Ally is an X, can it can recuit X Allies?
No. Only characters may recruit Allies.


Please see the rules in Beta testing about the new rules for Battlefields.

Can someone fighting in a Battlefield use Taking the Death Blow (i.e. does TtDB count as a pack action?)
It can be used, but with provision: when involved in a Battlefield conflict, you are considered to be away from your home turf, and separated from any members of your pack that aren't on that Battlefield. So your "pack" becomes, for the length of the conflict, those characters involved in the conflict. You can have another character play Taking the Death Blow for your character IF that character is already involved in the conflict, but it won't remove the initial character from the conflict, he'll remain and be vulnerable next turn.

If a member of First Team #21 declares an attack on a Battlefield and other members of the Team join (including T. F. MacNeil), do you get the extra 2 cards per participant in addition to any cards you draw for the Battlefield? Likewise if Golgol is involved?
Yes. (sept 2007)

May Pentex Team #21 use their special abilities to exceed the Renown limits on a Battlefield?

What happens on the War of Attrition Battlefield if the attacker wins in less than 5 rounds?
If the Battlefield was defended by another Alpha, he gets points for the kill. If the Battlefield was self defended, its worth nothing and stays in play. (Nov. 2007)


If you use someone else's Caern somehow, can they attack you, since you're technically in their physical area?

PREY- Enemies & Victims

Can Prey use non-combat related Gifts?
Yes, but only during a combat (they do not have to be involved in it). Go ahead and put Luna's Armor on that Elder Vampire. (Nov 2007)

When Prey take actions at the end of the Combat phase, how do you determine in what order they act?
Use Renown to figure out who goes first. If tied, pick a random player to decide which creature attacks first. (Nov. 2006)

What happens if I kill something that isn't worth any victory points, like an Uktena Wyrmfoe? Does it get discarded, or does it go into my victory pile?
It is immediately discarded and placed in the owners discard pile. Victims killed by Gaia packs and Enemies killed by Wyrm packs are worth 0 victory points. (Nov. 2006)

Do spirits have gender? The Voracious Spectre looks like a girl, but others like the Morozhki look fairly mannish.
Spirits are genderless (as are most Prey and Allies that aren't obvious by artwork or flavor text). No Manling Pendant.

Can Alpha characters step in for Prey that are the attackers (i.e., Silhouette)?
Good question, but no.

When an Alpha steps in to defend a Prey creature is he being attacked? Is he the defender?
No, he is not being attacked. Yes, he is the defender. (nov 2007)

I make a Prey creature (e.g. a Pack Fomori) my Ally. It says it pack defends with X. Someone attacks an X in the Hunting Grounds, will my Ally go pack defend?
Yes. It is still your Ally for the duration and only you may play cards for it. It is in the Hunting Grounds and away from pack resources, however. Anyone can play cards for the Prey it went to defend. Keep in mind, your ally is an ALLY and can't be targetted by things that target Prey. Note that your Ally will not pack defend if one of your pack members is the attacker.
Similarly, if you have such an Ally and it is attacked, Prey who pack defend with it will do so. They are treated as Allies of your pack for the duration of the combat although they remain in the Hunting Grounds and do not benefit from pack resources. Note that they will not pack defend if your Ally steps in for another creature or otherwise participates in a combat in which it was not specifically attacked.


If you shift to crinos while carrying a gun, do you lose the gun or does it just stay on the character (unusable, but available)?
The character may hold it, he just can't use it. His fingers are too big.

Say I have a character with a Rage of 1. I equip them with a 9mm, which says it allows them to 'play Rage 5 combat cards'. Later on, the pack gains a Beast of War totem and the pack now has a rage modification of +3. Does this mean the character can now play rage 8 cards, or just have 4 rage and a gun that allows them to use 5?
The Firearm cards don't actually increase your Rage, they just let you use higher Rage cards. Thus, in the above instance, you'd have only a 4 Rage but would be able to use Rage 5 cards because of the gun.

I have a combat card that require Firearm/Weapon. My gun allows me to play combat actions up to Rage 3, but the Rage for this card is 7. I DO have Rage 7, and I have a gun. Can I play rage 7 card that requires Firearm?
No. Firearms that say they allow you to play combat actions up to Rage X let you use the gun to play actions up to Rage X... and no more. If you play an action over that Rage, you play it without the use of the gun. (March 2007)

Can you discard equipment after you have put it down?
If you mean after you've equipped, you may only discard equipment during the Resource Phase. The exception to this is Equipment that requires you to discard it to use it. (Nov. 2006)

If you are Wyrm, and you are equipped with a piece of Fetish equipment due to Eater of Souls or Oil of Corruption and the Eater/Oil is removed, can you not even hold it anymore; is it discarded?
No, you may continue to hold it, but you've got to come up with more Oil or another Eater of Souls to use it again...

Can spirits that can't be bound be controlled with items like the Bottle Cap of Shakey Mac ?
No. Commanding is a minor form of binding, and spirits that cannot be bound can't be bound, commanded, or controlled in any way, shape, or form. They likewise cannot be affected by any Gifts SPECIFICALLY targeting spirits such as Exorcism or Spirit Drain. (Nov. 2006)

If a fetish has been Oil of Corruptioned, and it is Sticky Pawed back, may it be used by the Gaia pack again?
Yes, as they do not take the Oil with them.


If I play an Event that leads to the death of opposing characters (i.e. Umbral Wave), do I get the victory points for those characters?
No. Events are caused by outside forces, not by your pack. If you play Umbral Wave during a combat you're involved in and it kills some of the opposing characters, you'll get VP for them... but your opponent will get VP for any of your characters that died in the Wave. If you weren't involved in the combat, the guys involved get VP as normal.(Feb 2007)

Lunar Phases

When can I play a Lunar Phase?
Moon Phases have to be played during the Redraw phase, or they can be played at any time if they can supersede the current Phase. (Nov 2007)

Do Lunar Phase cards affect characters in the Umbra?

Will Lunar Phases affect wyrm characters?
Yes, if they meet the specifications of the card. Full Moon, for example, allows any Garou to freely change to Crinos form. Since Black Spiral Dancers are Garou, this would work for them. Full Moon's change to Crinos affect will not affect Wyrm creatures which are not Garou. . See specific errata about New Moon

If I draw a Moon phase during my Redraw Phase can I play it immediately, or would I have to wait until the following turn and play it prior to redrawing?
You may play it immediately.


Can you discard a Personal Totem to take advantage of a Pack Totem?
Yes. You may discard the Personal totem at any time.


Can you place a Gift or Rite on a character to hold until it's used later, or do you have to keep it in your sept hand until it's used?
You must keep Gifts and Rites in your sept hand until they're used unless they have a permanent effect. Gifts come in four basic variations

How long do gifts last? When can I use them?
Gifts are Open Play cards, that is they can be used at any time which is not Closed Play. Gift cards often contain more specific timing about when they can be played. (nov 2007)

Can characters not involved in a combat play gifts on combatants (i.e. like Knife Wind or Mother's touch)?
Gifts may be played at any time, and it's perfectly fine to play them against folks in fights you're not involved in. Read the cards though: there are some (like Gaia's Vengeance or Curse of Hatred) that can only be used by a character actually in combat. Usually Gifts that can only be used in combat will say they can only be used in combat. Sometimes Gifts will say they are used on an opponent. You only have an opponent during combat, so there are combat only Gifts.

JUNTAS- Moots & Board Meetings

Can I target someone in the Umbra with Junta X?
No. They're an invalid target.

What if I have something that lets me cross the Gauntlet with an effect, like an Incarna Sigil?
No. You still may not target them with a Junta.

What if the entire pack is in the Umbra, can I target the pack in general or stuff they own?
Yes, you can target the pack's Victory Pile and item they control that is in the real world, such as Caerns, Allies, Territories, etc. You can also target the pack as a whole. You just can't target individual items, creatures, etc, that currently exist only in the Umbra. (Nov. 2006)

Do Juntas that have a global effect such as The Litany's Guidence or Tribal War affect the Umbra?
Yes, once it comes into effect, it will affect both sides of the Gauntlet. The spirits send a memo. (Nov. 2006)


Can anyone do Rites - Banes, Fomori, 7th Generation, or is it merely Garou?
Only Garou (this includes Black Spiral Dancers), Fera, and Cult members can use Rites. Cult members include the 7th Generation. Banes, Pentex, Fomori, Count Vlad, etc. can't use Rites. (Nov. 2006)


Can a pack have more than one copy of a non-unique territory in play at once, like two Bawns or a couple of National Parks?
Yes. And you gain the benefits from having multiple copies; if you have two National Parks, you get +2 Gnosis. The unique Territories say on the cards that "Only 1 X may be in play at any time."

If I attack a Territory with my Alpha in the real world and the opposing Alpha is in the Umbra, is that Territory automatically toast or can the opposing Alpha still try and block me ?
That Territory is destroyed. Same for the other way around.


Is the Umbra part of the Hunting Grounds?
No. The Hunting Grounds exist both in the physical world and the Umbra, but are only an area within each.

When do you step sideways?
If you have a Caern (or a card which duplicates one's effects, such as Opening the Silver Window), you can step sideways at the beginning of any Umbra Phase. There are a number of Gifts and special actions which allow a character to step sideways during other phases of the game. These cards all have individual effects and circumstances. Also, if a card states that it is used to enter the Umbra, it normally cannot also be used to leave the Umbra.


Combat cards reduced to zero damage are not attached to the target. (Nov. 2006)

I have been hit by a damage card that reduces my Rage, but I have a Gift that raises my Rage. How do these balance?
Normally, you will simply add and subtract these factors to arrive at your new Rage score. Cards that say you will act at Rage X don't actually modify your Rage, so work exactly the way they say they do. A card that says you "act at rage 1" means you act at Rage 1. A gift that gives you +2 Rage won't increase this to 3. (Feb 2007)

How do death blow effects work?
Only one blow can actually be a killing blow. It's the blow that actually kills the target. Anything triggers when a creature dies takes effect as soon as that damage resolves. Note, fully frenzied creatures still have death blow effects happen when they die... they'll just continue fighting past that point. (Nov. 2006)

I drew a lot of Combat Events when I frenzied/played a pack action- can I just take 'em all out and discard them to make combat flow more smoothly?
Nope. A combat hand is an active weapon even if you've got all crap cards you can't use, because you can still use the cards in it to make it look like you're able to do something. This can be a strategically important thing.

Hey, does that mean I can play Combat Events to "defend" an Enemy, just to get 'em out of my hand?
This is actually one of the best ways to get rid of cards you don't want. "I've got a card," you say, and plop down that Entrail Rend or Shieldmate you don't want. The you flip it and smile, because the card is discarded and after this combat you can draw back up and hopefully get something you need.

I play an Ass Whupin' Lynch Mob (or Attacking the Wyrm) as I attack Prey in the Hunting ground. If an Alpha steps in, would it have to fight the original attacker or the attacking pack?
Stepping in occurs after pack actions are declared. It would face the the whole pack.

When I am forced to play Combat card of Rage X, can I play Gnosis based actions or items that are played in place of combat cards?
No. If you are forced to play Rage X combat actions, you may ONLY play Rage X combat actions.

I got hit with an effect that causes me to play cards randomly, now what do I do?
You play cards randomly. If you happen to play an illegal card as a combat action (Kailindo actions when you don't have Kailindo, or a Combat Event) it is discarded and you're considered not to have played a card at all and it does nothing. Combat Events played during a "play random" will not take effect because they were played as combat actions. You MUST play a card when hit with a "play random" effect, you cannot opt to play no card. (Nov. 2006)

I have both a "play only cards of Rage X" AND a "play random" effect targetting the same character. Now what?
Play the cards randomly. You must play a card. If they do not meet the conditions for the "you may only play cards of X Rage" you are considered to have played no card at all. Discard the card you played. Yes, this means that bluffs may go through easily, or that if your opponent played no card, combat will end. (Nov. 2006)

A Prey creature gets hit with a 'play random' effect. There's multiple players in the game. Now what?
Decide randomly which player's hand the random card will come from (leaving out the attacker, obviously) Then randomly select a card from that player's hand. If you happened to pick a player with no remaining cards, the creature plays no card that round.(Feb. 2007)

Alphas and Challenges

If one of my characters is "challenged" during the combat phase, why wouldn't I decline?
Usually, it's safe to decline. However, some cards specifically target werewolves that decline challenges and stick them with some unsavory side effect. Also, a few characters can issue challenges that may not be refused. It's a gamble when a challenge is issued.

If I declare an attack, and they play Pack Defense, am I stuck fighting for one round of cards before I can back off, or can I choose not to continue combat before it even begins?
Once an attack is declared, you cannot withdraw until at least the first round has been played.

Can I kill my own characters for the victory points?
No. You can't Entrapment your allies, either. Jeez.

Hunting Grounds

What happens when I send a character to the Hunting Grounds?
Characters in the Hunting Grounds are not considered to be Enemies or Wyrm creatures, unless a card states to the contrary. (same for Victims and Gaia creatures) As long as it is in the Hunting Grounds, it is away from its pack and cannot benefit from the pack's resources (such as Caerns or Totems). However, the player may play Gifts and Rites for them. If your Alpha was sent to the Hunting Grounds before it could take its action, if may not take one while in the Hunting Grounds. (Feb 2007)

If one of your characters is placed in the Hunting Grounds and is attacked by another player, do you play cards in its defense or do other players get to decide whether to play cards for it or not as they would for Prey?
The character is still your character, so you and you alone may play combat cards for her. The only exception to this is Skindancer. A Skindancered character is no longer a member of your pack, no longer in your control. She is now an Enemy, and treated as such, till the end of the game. You never get her back.

Can a Garou in the Hunting Grounds use or join pack actions?
Nope. No character in the hunting grounds may act as alpha either.

Can a character in the Hunting Grounds use Taking the Death Blow?
The character can still use Combat Events in general, but Taking the Death Blow itself is useless, as the character is temporarily away from his pack and thus has nobody to change places with him.

I attack a Prey creature. Someone uses an effect to make it their Ally. Can they do that in the middle of combat?
No, a creature's status cannot change in the middle of combat. Enemies stay Enemies, Victims stay Victims, Allies stay Allies, and Characters stay Characters for the duration of combat. They won't change type halfway through. (March 2007)

Combat Actions

What happens if you accidentally play a combat card that is illegal at the time?
You discard it. You snooze, you lose.... [this is treated as if you had not played any card at all for the purposes of bluffing]

Can you use kailindo combat cards while using a Firearm?
Sure. Just watch any good Hong Kong action movie - they have all sorts of martial arts/guns techniques.

Can you use two blocks (or a block and a fetal position, or a block-and-strike, a block and a fetal position) against one combat action?
If you can play multiple combat actions, you may do so. Since your opponent can play damaging combat actions and specify the order of effect (to get a Telling Blow to score), there is no reason for you to not be able to do the same with a double-block.

Combat - Multiple Creatures

I want my combat cards to take effect in a certain order. Can I declare this?
Yes. Some cards give special bonuses if they kill the opponent, reduce Rage scores, etc. You may declare them in any order you like, when they start to resolve. Obviously if you have Fast Striking effects, you cannot declare slower effects will hit first! Use some common sense. (March 2007)

Can members of a pack who can automatically use pack tactics (First Team #21, the Kachina twins, etc.) join in pack defense with other members of the pack that played a Pack Defense card?
Yes. They're all about swarming over their opponents.

What happens when the alpha in a pack action is killed? Does the combat end, or continue with the other characters involved?
It's up to the attacking player. Even combat between two packs using pack actions could continue in this way, even if both the original alphas are killed. If the attacker wants to end it, he may withdraw. If he's in a fightin' mood, the fight goes on.

Combat - Bluffs

If you bluff a Kailindo or Crinos form only card, does it take effect if the bluff passes?
Nope. You can only bluff the Rage statistic, not any text qualifiers. To use Kailindo, you got to know how, and to Bite, you can't be in Homid form.

Does my character playing a non-bluff combat action cancel all bluffs played against him or only against a bluff played by the character who my character is attacking?
As long as a character plays a card, and does not bluff, any bluffs targetting him will not work.

When does a bluff work in a pack combat?
In pack combat, all cards are played against specific targets on the other side. If a creature plays a bluff targetting an opponent who also happens to be bluffing, then both cards will take effect. If a bluff is played against a creature who does not play a bluff, the bluff will not work.
Example: Creature A bluffs and targets creature B on the opposing side. Creature B and C both target creature A. Creature B bluffs, creature C does not. A's bluff will work because its target bluffed. (Feb 2007)

A friend of mine has recently taken to occasionally playing no card on the first round of combat. In order to keep it from being an obvious bluff and setting himself up to get pounded, he'll hold out a card and then withdraw it as I flip mine over. This is legal, right?
Yes. (and encouraged) See information on Null Cards.

Combat - Frenzy

The question involves Frenzy and Head wounds/True Fear/etc. Basically, if Golgol is frenzied, and is Head Wounded, he then cannot play a combat card in the following round. If his opponent also does not play a combat card, does the combat end, or does the frenzy continue?
That would be a clever way to escape a frenzy.

My character is sent back to breed form somehow while he's frenzied. What happens?
If he's taken more damage than he has health, he dies. If he's in a limited frenzy, he drops dead, frenzy ends as normal. If he's in Full Frenzy he is still dead but too angry to realize it. He must be Hacked Apart as normal. Next time he takes damage, he'll flip back to Crinos again but he's already dead. No amount of healing will save his mangey hide. If it doesn't kill him, he'll flip to Crinos as soon as he has damage greater than or equal to his Rage or Health, whichever is lower. (Nov. 2006)


Name ruling date  
9mm Semi Auto Pistol Firearm 6/1/2007 equipment
Aenid Fomori Can use Fomori, Iliad Fomori and Odyssey Fomori Gifts 6/1/2007 enemy
Airt Gateway Can be used during combat.   gift
Allamande Creatures that can't be challenged are unaffacted by Allamande's ability.   character
Allonzo Montoya See Faq entry on can't versus must effects   character
Amari Howls-from-Soul Errata: Female   character
Angus the White Howler When determining who has the least remaining renown, you count all packmembers, including Allies and creatures temporarily out of play.Errata: Garou. Crinos form. 2/27/2007 victim
Anubis Stone The user may attack with a toal of X renown worth of packmates, not X packmates. 6/1/2007 equipment
Arkady Errata: Unique   enemy
Ass Whuppin' Lynch Mob Creates a pack action. creates a pack attack.   combat event
Attacking the Wyrm Creates a pack action. Creates a pack attack.   combat event
Ayahuasca Ayahuasca will reduces creatures renown for joining a Battlefield.   ally
Balkan Fief One member of the pack can regenerate one additional damage card.   territory
Balor's Gaze Errata: Balor's Gaze will prevent all opponents of lower Rage from playing combat actions for one ROUND of combat, not the whole combat. 1/30/2007 gift
Banana Split Banana Split's ability is used at the end of the Establish-Bluff step (i.e. after all bluffs have been decided). The cards cancelled do count as "played" for the purpose of ending combat and frenzies. If an opponent can play more than one combat card, Banana Split can only cancel one of the cards. Errata: He must play a combat card in order to use his ability.   character
Bane Arrow Is not a combat action. It may not be blocked or dodged.   equipment
Bane Infestation The corrupted fetish is now a Bane fetish that the Gift user may use if he meets the Gnosis requirements; if he does not, it is discarded. 11/6/2007 gift
Bane Moonbridge This Gift will not allow you to attack something on the other side of the gauntlet. 11/30/2006 gift
Barnaby Shadrack Barnaby increases your sept hand the whole game, not just when he chooses to ignore Gifts. His ability to ignore Gifts targetting him does not protect his Equipment from being targetted or his Gifts being cancelled.   character
Battle Fervor This is a limited frenzy.   combat event
Bawn You can discard your own caern while bawn is in play. If you bring another caern into play after this, the Bawn will still protect the new caern.   territory
Bivouac This may be used by non-regenerating characters.   equipment
Bladetooth Errata: Female   character
Blissful Ignorance Errata: replace Moot with Junta. 9/30/2007 gift
Blossom If Blossom was your last character and she removes herself from play, you are still in the game. She's just temporarily out of play.   character
Body Wrack Healing the damage will not stop the Gift's effect.   gift
Bones of Shakir Hind Bones cannot control a creature that cannot be bound. Errata: The Enemy controlled by Bones becomes an Ally of your pack for the duration of the combat, BUT follows all the usual rules for stepping in (i.e. it is away from the pack).
Errata: The owner of the fetish cannot refuse challenges from Garou while equipped with the Bones. They are not in the Hunting Grounds.
12/28/2006 equipment
Bottlecap of Shakey Mac Bottlecap can be used on spirit Allies, Enemies, and Victims. It will not work on spirits that cannot be bound.   equipment
Buggerhead Errata: Male   character
Bull Errata: Bull is used by Lupus Gaia Garou, not Lupus OR Gaia Garou. It applies to all frenzies.   event
Bum Rush Creates a pack action. It may be either a pack attack or pack defense. All packmembers, including allies and creatures which cannot take actions come forward. Additional clarification on this card is forthcoming. ERRATA: Creatures that came forward for a Bum Rush ESCAPE at the end of round rather than withdraw. 1/30/2007 combat event
Bureaucratic Blueprints The target selects only one defender. Both sides may use pack actions to add additional creatures.   equipment
Byrony McLeod Errata: Unique   enemy
Caern Building Multiple copies of this Caern can be in play, but each pack may only have one. It creates a generic Gauntlet 5 Caern.   moot
Caern of Bygone Visions Can be used to fetch Bane Fetishes   caern
Caern of Ichiyo Modoribashi Rite of Claiming cannot take this Caern, even if the defender is killed.   caern
Caern of the Painted Sands You may only play one copy of each totem. If the caern is destroyed, discard all but one Totem. Reversal: Caern of the Painted Sands may only be used to play Pack Totems with a requirement for one of the 13 Gaian tribes of Garou. Your can still play other Totems which your Characters meet the requirements for. 6/1/2007 caern
caern of the Snow Leopard The character comes back to life in the same form it died in. It discards all attached cards. The killer scores no points for killing this character. 11/30/2006 caern
Cannibal Slug Errata: Creature type: Animal 2/27/2007 ally
Cataclysm Equipment that is currently out of play DOES count towards the Gnosis total required to play a Cataclysm. 11/6/2007 event
Cesare Sodalis Cesare's Gifts may be cancelled by Mages as the mage is targetting the Gift, not Cesare. His Equipment can be targetted by Mages, as they are targetting the equipment, no Cesare.   character
Childling If targetting the Childing, determine if the card is discarded during the Reveal step. Cards with no damage stats do not count as targetting the Childling. 6/1/2007 ally
Chimera Errata: You must wait until the Sept redraw phase to draw your extra Sept card.   event
Churjuroc's Tusk The summoned Nexus Crawler may come from your hand. If the Tusk user join another pack, the Nexus Crawler remains with the pack that summoned it. When the Nexus Crawler leaves play because the Tusk's effect has ended, it will take the character that summoned it with it, even if it is temporarily in another pack, it is out of play, it is on the other side of the Gauntlet, or it has traded the Tusk to another character. If the Nexus Crawler is killed before the Tusk's effect ends, the character remains in play. Each copy of Churjurok's Tusk can summon only ONE Nexus Crawler. 11/30/2006 equipment
Circular Attack Clarification: Circular Attack is a redirect. It is played at the end of the Establish-Bluff step. 9/30/2007  
Cocoran MacAndrews Errata: Corcoran should read "Corcoran's Gnosis is considered +2 for the purpose of using Gifts."   character
Concertina Wire Concertina Wire only works against one Alpha, but will protect all your territories from the targetted Alpha for the rest of turn.   equipment
Conquistador's Sword CS is not a weapon. It may not be used to play cards that require a weapon (such as Cleft in Twain)   equipment
Conrad Walks-the-Line May use other Shadow Lord items such as the Balkan Fief while he is in a Wyrm pack. He can only use Thunder's Gauntlet if he gains the ability to use Fetishes while part of a Wyrm pack. See rules for Rogues   character
Count Vladimir Rustovich Count Vlad's ability only allows him to regen unaggravated damage.   character
Coup de Grace May be played after the first round of combat, so long as you played a block or dodge round 1.   gift
Crick Rumwrangler Errata: Male   character
Crookpaw See Faq entry on can't versus must effects   character
Cult Leader Its ability only applies to the Victim Cultist. 11/6/2007 victim
Curb Stomp Errata: replace Moot with Junta. 9/30/2007 combat action
Dead Zone Errata: The MEMBERS with a Dead Zone may not be the TARGET of Gifts. Opponents in combat may still benefit from Gifts targetting themselves. Gifts that have Global effects and do not target a specific pack will affect a pack with a Dead Zone. The pack with the Dead Zone can't use Bane Fetishes either. 11/30/2006 territory
Deep Journey This may fetch Bane Fetishes. Errata: Place the item you searched for in your hand.   gift
Detective Jourgensen Errata: Unique   victim
Dharma Bum Errata: Dharma should read "Dharma's rapping and howling cause all opponents fighting him in combat to lose 2 Gnosis while in combat with him".   character
Disarm Is not a damage card. You may not add damage to it. It can't be blocked or dodged. Effects which redirect Damage cards have no effect against Disarm.   combat action
Distractions If played against a creature that can play multiple combat actions, it may only cancel one action. Distractions is played at the end of the Establish-Bluff step (i.e. after all bluffs have been decided). The card canceled does count as "played" for the purpose of ending combat and frenzies.   gift
Doc Chaney's Power Goggles If one character steps from the Umbra to the physical world in a turn, a character with the Goggles can be selected as alpha that turn and can use his alpha action to directly attack the first character, even if the first character is not an alpha this turn. This will not work on Allies.   equipment
Doctor Spencer If involved in a pack combat, only Dr. Spencer may look at opponents cards. Players select combat actions and targets for all creatures involved in the combat and reveal them. Then Dr. Spencer may choose a combat action and target.   character
Dratossi The Dratossi can only be attacked from the Umbra; Incarna Sigil will not work. See Faq entry on forced play of combat actions.   enemy
Dreams-of-Wonder If Dreams-of-Wonder is involved in a pack action, she may draw all her spirit allies in.   character
Dreamspeaker Mage If you sneak attack a Dreamspeaker during the Umbra phase and it steps sideways, you may not use a Caern to step sideways to chase it.   ally
El Dorado He only has his printed abilities. He does not get the Dreamspeaker Mage's abilities on top of his own.   ally
Elder Stone If used in a Wyrm pack, the Elder Stone grants VOTES in Moots. 11/6/2007 equipment
Entrapment Errata: Entrapment grants the user the ability to issue unrefusable challenges to Allies. It does not grant an extra attack. The Quest user may challenge any and all allies until such point as he kills one and finishes the Quest. 11/30/2006 quest
Ewaipanoma Errata: Creature type: Unbound, Monster 2/27/2007 ally
Exorcism If a spirit is Exorcised while in combat, it is not killed, it is discarded. No one gains Victory Points for killing it.   gift
Eyes Gouged See the FAQ for a longer explanation of how "Play Random" effects work.   combat action
Eyes of Frost Can only use his ability once per game.   character
Eyes of Hate The target MUST play a combat card. See rules on forced play of combat cards.   gift
Faerie Armor Protects against Rage 2 and 3 damage cards. It will not affect Rage 2 and 3 cards with no damage stat (such as Disarm)   equipment
Falcon's Grasp Anything YOU do that would cause your equipment to be discarded/destroyed won't be stopped by Falcon's Grasp. This includes using it, breaking the rules for using it (such as going to Crinos), etc. Anything your opponent does that causes discard/destroy/stealing of you equipment will be stopped by Falcon's Grasp. 9/30/2007 gift
Fancy Footwork Fast Striking attacks resolve before Fancy Footwork (unless it too is Fast Striking) and so are not affected by Fancy Footwork. Fast Striking does not equate to undodgeable. 2/27/2007 combat action
Fast Shift Errata: May also be used to leave the Umbra   action
Feint See rules on Feinting. This card is played after seeing opponents card that targets the same creature as the Feint. You may only play one card as a follow up to Feint, even if you may play multiple combat actions.
Errata: Feint may not be bluffed.
2/27/2007 combat action
Fetal Position Fetal Position blocks 6 damage from any single damage card. 9/30/2007 combat action
Firebomb Diffusing the Firebomb is an action.   equipment
Firebrand Effects which force a character to vote as you wish will satisfy the conditions for Firebrand. 11/30/2006 quest
Flame Spirit It may play normal Rage 1 or less combat actions and bluff as usual. The Flame Spirit's burn out attack may be dodged or blocked. Use the Flame Spirit to mark damage. Rite of Binding will not work on a Flame Spirit that exploded. In all cases, alternative Combat Actions are played as creatures declare targets. http://www.werepenguin.com/rage/rules/#CombatCards 11/30/2006 ally
Flamethrower If you are equipped with a Flamethrower (even if you are not using it) and take 4 or more damage in a single round, it explodes. Flamethrower may be used in any form.   equipment
Flower of Aphrodite If the user steps in and replaces something in a combat, it will not end the combat. It does not have to discard the Flower when it steps in.   equipment
Fomori Errata: The two fomori enemies in Limited/Unlimited should be called "Pack Fomori." Their ability to pack defend applies only to Pack Fomori.   enemy
Fool's Gold Errata: The creature that original equips it from hand may trade it the turn it is brought into play. The Fool's Gold may only be traded once per Resource Phase.   equipment
Fortuna Fortuna may be played at the end of the Establish Bluff step. You do not need to play a combat card that round to use Fortuna. 11/6/2007 gift
Fox Frenzy Is a limited frenzy. If the Fox Frenzied character is somehow prevented from leaving combat, it does NOT gain any of the benefits of a Full frenzy.   combat event
Fractured Nephandus See definition of special ability in rules (under Character Cards) 6/1/2007 ally
Frenzy This puts the character in Full Frenzy.   combat event
Fur Gnarl If the creature is not in Crinos/battle form when this wound is delivered, then the wound is not aggravated. If it was in Crinos when it received this, it is aggravated, even if the creature later shifts to breed form.   combat action
Gang Beating You may not play Gang Beating and then add additional packmates to the combat later. The creature must go it alone. Gang Beating is NOT a frenzy. Errata: Combat Restricted 11/6/2007 combat event
Gates of Malfeus May be played during combat.   event
Geas If a Geas combat is cancelled, Geas is discarded. Geas can only be played during combat if it will also end the combat. 11/6/2007 gift
George Birch "Pentex Allies" are allies which have the Pentex Keyword OR require Pentex or pentex Exec to recruit.   character
Gere Hunts-the-Hunters He may use Rite of Scarification. If someone kills Gere and wears his pelt after he's played Rite of Scarification, it still only grants +2 Health.   character
Get Medieval Is a combat Event with a Rage requirement. It cannot be bluffed. Play it immediately after you deliver the killing blow; if the creature is in Full Frenzy, it may still fight even after you have played Get Medieval.   combat action
Ghost Raptor Membership May be used by Black Spiral Dancers.   event
Gift of the Porcupine Opponents will not take damage from GotP if they redirected the user's attack back on himself through use of cards like Passive Aggression or Redirected Attack. GotP is regenerated as a damage card, it does not add damage to another 11/30/2006 gift
Gogol Fangs-First Golgol's ability works whenever he becomes part of a pack action. 1/17/2007 character
griffin Avatar GA counts against the renown total of pack actions.   ally
Guides-to-Truth Errata: Male   character
Gungnir Yes, two may be in play at the same time.   equipment
Head or Gut? This must be the killing blow to take effect. If a Prey Creature kills someone with a Head or Gut, HoG has no special effect.   combat action
Head Wound If you were wounded with a Head Wound and are the attacker, you may withdraw between rounds (unless otherwise prevented from withdrawing)   combat action
Heart of Midnight The user cannot be affected by any Gifts played by anyone. His Equipment may be targeted by gifts that target Equipment. His combat actions may be targeted by Gifts that directly target combat actions. Heart of Midnight will not prevent opponents from targeting themselves with Gifts. Heart of Midnight does not cancel Gifts, but it will render some Gifts played by opponents ineffective against the bearer (e.g. Gift of the Porcupine, Odor of Skunk or Balor’s Gaze). Consider such Gifts to have empty text boxes with regard to the user of Heart of Midnight, they work as normal against all other creatures. 11/30/2006 equipment
Heavy Machine Gun Firearm 6/1/2007 equipment
Hell's Hand Hive Clarification: Hell's Hand Hive only allows BSDs in your own pack to pack defend. It does not allow you to pull in BSDs from other packs or the Hunting Grounds. 9/30/2007  
Hereditary Castle If a creature is forced to attack a member of the pack controlling Hereditary castle and castle’s owner says they may not attack, the original target is considered an illegal target. If a legal target is available, the creature may attack the new target as normal. 11/30/2006 territory
Hidden Lair If the Hidden Lair is attacked outside the combat phase, creatures may come out of it to defend it. If attacked in the combat phase, it is destroyed.   territory
Hidden Supplies Equipment under a Hidden Supplies is out of play and may not be targeted or affected by any cards. If Hidden Supplies is discarded, discard all the Equipment under it.
Reversal: However, global Events such as Spirit Backlash can affect cards under Hidden Supplies. Errata: You can only put items under the supplies during the Resource Phase.
11/30/2006 event
Homestead Victims which cannot be bound or controlled are not affected by Homestead.   territory
Howls-like-Thunder Red Talons with a Pine Cone still won't attack him, even if wounded.   character
Hunts-at-Night If Hunts-at-Night replaces a creature in combat after a pack attack/defense has already been declared, Hunts ability has no effect. Hunts can only be involved in Battlefield confilcts if he is the only attacker/defender on his side. If Hunts attacks a Battlefield, only one creature may defend it. Errata: Male   character
Incarna Avatar Errata: The Incarna Avatar may not be bound or controlled. It is a spirit.   victim
Invocation to hakkaken See Faq entry on can't versus must effects 11/30/2006 rite
Iron Will Iron Will will protect against effects which prevent you from playing an action, it does not protect against effects that cancel your combat action (such as Banana Split, Distractions) IW does not work against Stands Like a Fool   event
Jackal's Curse Only works on kills. It may not target a Garou dead from Winter Wolf, Quests, Rites, etc. It may only target kills.   moot
Jackal's Quest Errata: Anytime you acquire another pack’s Equipment through any means, you may play this Quest. Even if you cannot use the Equipment, you still may play this Quest. This Quest may only be played if the creature was part of another pack at the time.   quest
Janus If another Black Fury joins a pack defense, Janus may then join the defense with that Fury, even if the Fury was not the original target. 11/30/2006 character
Johnson P. Donovan Errata: His correct stats are Rage 1, Gnosis 3, Health 3.   character
Julisha of the Thousand Masks Her ability applies only to kill she makes herself, not kills made by packmates in a pack action with her.   character
Junkyard "Dog" Errata: Creature type: Animal 2/27/2007 ally
Ka Spirit If ka Spirit is removed or discarded from play without being killed, it is discarded, not shuffled back into the deck.   ally
Kelly Brounard See Faq entry on can't versus must effects   character
Kinfolk Den The entire pack joins the attack (except those prevented from joining pack actions). It is similar to Bum Rush. This ability must be used at the time the creature dies (even if the creature is full frenzy). If the creature dies in a combat which has not ended, the entire pack joins in pack combat until that combat ends (if allowed). 11/30/2006 territory
Kinfolk Environmental Acvitist If this ability is used during a combat, it will end the combat and remove the pack member from the Hunting Grounds. 11/30/2006 ally
Kinfolk Small Town Cop If the cop is killed after it has used its ability, the targetted character will return to play at the beginning of the next Regeneration phase, as normal. Errata: If his .38 is stolen or destroyed, his Rage becomes 1 for the duration of the combat.   ally
Kiss of Life This may be used between combat rounds on the user or a target of his choice. This Gift can heal aggravated damage. 9/30/2007 gift
Kiss of the Wyrm This may be used between combat rounds on the user or a target of his choice. This Gift can heal aggravated damage.   gift
Knife Wind If a creature is killed with Kinfe Wind, its opponent in combat will get the Victory Points, even if it was not the Gift user. If used outside combat to kill a creature, no one gets any Victory Points. 9/30/2007 gift
Lamuran Errata: may only use his ability once per turn.   character
Latonia the Temptress Errata: Latonia's ability occurs after creatures step in and pack actions are played, but before combat actual begins. If attacking Prey, all players that may play for Prey discard and redraw their hands. 12/28/2006 character
Laughs-at-Death If Laughs is challenged by a creature that's challenges are unrefusable, she must accept the challenge.   character
Legal Chicanery Errata: Restricted. Chicanery affects Homid form Victims and Homid form Gaia Allies   action
Lost Cub When determining who has the least remaining renown, you count all packmembers, including Allies and creatures temporarily out of play. 2/27/2007 victim
Lunar Eclipse This prevents Gifts from being played using Auspice requirments. If played through some other requirement, even if it lists an Auspice as a possible user, it will not prevent the Gift being played, nor cancel it.   event
Mage of the Celestial Chorus If there is more than on Mage of the celestial Chorus in play, they will not remove each other.   victim
Mantis Form Can be played by creatures that can't change to Crinos form. They simply don't shapeshift.   combat action
Markhat Errata: Male   character
Meat Puppet Errata: Creature type: Unbound, Monster 2/27/2007 ally
Medicine Bag ERRATA: rather than healing a killing blow, Medicine Bag will block all damage from one killing blow. Unblockable items cannot be blocked by Medicine Bag. 11/6/2007 equipment
melody truthsinger If more than one Melody is in play, the first one to use her ability will force the other Melody's to vote as she wants.   character
Memory Ribbon Opponents may not frenzy, but the user's packmates may frenzy.   equipment
Merciful Blow This is played in place of a combat action. It has no Rage or damage stat. It may not be blocked of dodged. It resolves at the speed of the creature that played it, so a Fast Striking effect may damage before Merciful Blow can remove the creature from combat.   gift
Mizrait If there are multiple copies of the same creature in play, Mizrait selects a specific one as the target. If the creature is killed before the targetted Alpha takes his action, that Alpha takes no action this turn. It will not attack a different creature sharing the same name.   character
Mockmaw Errata: Whenever the creature channelling Mockmaw kills a creature, permanently increase its pack's sept hand size by 1. This increase does not end if Mockmaw is returned to your hand. Clarification: Mockmaw's weakness does not apply if Mockmaw is returned to your hand. 9/30/2007 past life
Monster Joes Truck-n-Tow Place the piece of Equipment you searched for in your hand.   territory
Moon Bridge Assault This Gift crosses the Gauntlet. The attacker temporarily steps sideways to be in the same world as the target of the attack (ignore the gauntlet). If the attacker is alive at the end of combat, return it to the world it started in. 11/30/2006 gift
Moon Bridge Escape This immediately ends any combat the character(s) was in.   gift
Morgan If Morgan's special ability is triggered by damage that would kill him, he still frenzies.   character
Mother's Touch This may be used during combat on the user or another creature. If used to heal a damage card as it is played, it will negate any damage effects, as if it had never damaged the creature. This cannot heal a killing blow. This Gift can heal aggravated damage.   gift
Natasha Moon Chaser Natasha's owner may use Baba Yaga to cancel one of Natasha's attacks.   character
National Park Wyrm packs may use this Territory.   territory
Nemesis This creates a rivalry between 2 specific characters, not all characters of the same name. If a character is somehow temporarily removed from his pack and joins another one, Nemesis may be played while he is in the other pack. When he returns to his original pack, one of the character's with Rivalry must be discarded.   event
New Moon Errata: New Moon prevents Garou, Fera, Banes and Vampires from frenzying. It does not prevent Fomori from frenzying (unless they are also Garou/Fera). 9/30/2007 event
Nexus Crawler You may play combat events at the start of combat as normal. After that point, you play all cards randomly, and thus may not choose to play combat events. See the rules book for a longer explanation of how Random Play of combat actions works.   enemy
Nightmaster Errata: Despite being in the Umbra, he is not a spirit. He is a Garou. Unique.   enemy
Oisin MacGaelach Oisin targets all Faeries, not just the Faerie Kin. He may take control of Faeries that were controlled with a Kithain Freehold. Clarification: under the current Past Life rules, Oisin now effectively has no weakness as he never stays in play long enough to trigger it. Keep in mind that every time Oisin leaves play at end of turn, he must return his faerie pals to their owners.   past life
Old One-Eye Old One-Eye's ability to pass on equipment when dead will still work even if he used Rite of Talisman Dedication.   character
Old Storm Chaser Errata: Male   character
Opening the Silver Window This creates a Gauntlet 5 caern that is not Unique. Use it just like a Caern. It may be targeted by effects that target Gifts and effects that target caerns. 11/30/2006 gift
Operation Blight This will allow characters to use Umbral Quest that could not otherwise do so.   caern
Orville Errata: Unique   ally
Outcast Bastet Errata: Bastet. Crinos form. 11/30/2006 victim
Pack Defense Creates a pack action. creates a pack defense. (duh)   combat event
Pandora's Box Outside the combat phase, Pandora's Box can remove a spirit from combat.   equipment
passive aggression Is not a damage card. It is not an attack. It will only work against one card played by the opponent. Will work against Skin of the Hellbound, but the redirected card will still be affected by Skin's ability. 11/6/2007 combat action
Patagia You may play Patagia and then frenzy, but it will not work while frenzied. You will have to wait until the frenzy ends to use the effect. Patagia must be played before combat cards are selected.   gift
Pentex Exec and Limosine He can destroy both Wyrm and gaia caerns.   ally
Pentex First Team 43 Errata: Unique   enemy
Pentex Infiltration The Character who played Pentex Infiltration treats all Moots in hand as if they were Board Meetings and as if his pack was a Wyrm pack for determining if they can be played or not. Your pack and pack members are not otherwise considered Wyrm creatures, are not affected by Board Meetings and may not be targeted by these Moot-Board Meetings. 2/27/2007 action
Pentex Refinery Errata: The Refinery's ability crosses the Gauntlet.   enemy
Pentex Supply Lines "Pentex Allies" are allies which have the Pentex Keyword OR require Pentex or pentex Exec to recruit.   enemy
Poison Tumors Opponents will not take damage from Poison Tumors if they redirected the user's attack back on himself through use of cards like Passive Aggression or Redirected Attack. 11/30/2006 gift
Praise the Malformed If more than one Praise the Malformed is in play, and the two players disagree on how they wish the metis to vote, the Praises cancel each other. The metis may then vote as they choose.   action
Pumpkin Man You can't withdraw until you've played your bluffs as well.Errata: Creature type: Unbound, Monster 2/27/2007 enemy
Punitive Damages When Punitive Damages is played, the character calling the Board Meeting selects the piece of Equipment it targets.   board meeting
Punitive Damages When Punitive Damages is played, the Character calling the Board Meeting selects the piece of Equipment it targets. 9/30/2007  
Pup Pid Errata: Creature type: Unbound, Monster 2/27/2007 enemy
Purity of Spirit May be played at any time, even if you are not in the Umbra. Once it enters the Umbra, the Gift effects take place and it will be discarded after a full turn has passed since entering the Umbra.   gift
Quest of Valor Cards that prevent you from being attacked or challenged will not prevent a creature on Quest of Valor from being challenged.   quest
Quoting the Litany Errata: replace Moot with Junta. 9/30/2007 gift
Rainpuddle Errata: Female   character
Rampage Errata: Only applies to Gaia controlled territories.   board meeting
Razor Claws RC adds damage to a combat action and is regenerated when that action is regenned.   gift
Red Cap Raiding Party It will only attack Characters and Allies. 6/1/2007 victim
Red Hot Baby Powder Can only frenzy creatures capable of frenzying   equipment
Redemption This Gift can also destroy items that are both Fetishes and Bane Fetishes, even if it is being used as a fetish at the time.   gift
redirected Attack Is not a damage card. It is not an attack. Unless Redirected Attack is Fast Striking, it cannot redirect a Fast Striking card. If your opponent bluffed, the bluff is discarded as normal, not redirected. 11/6/2007 combat action
Reinforcements Can be used in normal combat, not just Battlefields. You may opt not to bring in additional creatures and just draw 2 cards. If you draw in additional creatures, this creates a pack action and may be either a pack attack or pack defense. If you just draw cards and add no creatures, this does not create a pack action. 11/30/2006 combat event
Renegade Werewolf Hunter It will only attack Characters and Allies.   victim
Renown Admonishment Works on Battle Fervor. RA can only be used if the frenzied creature delivered the killing blow. If a packmate makes the actual kill, Renown Admonishment won't work.   action
Rilkean Heart The Gift user cannot frenzy for the duration of the combat.   gift
Rite of Chiminage You can't use this to gain access to a caern controlled by the wrong allegiance, even if it the caern can be used by Wyrm or Gaia. Errata: This rite lasts until it is voted out with a Moot (if targeting a Gaia Caern) or a Board Meeting (if targeting a Wyrm Caern). 9/30/2007 rite
Rite of Claiming If there are no creatures to act as defender that are in the same world as the Rite user, the Rite user gains control of the caern. Only a Garou can act as a defender; if the pack has no Garou, it automatically loses the caern. You can use this to take control of ANY caern, even one of the opposite allegiance. 2/27/2007 rite
Rite of Investiture This can only be used on Allies you permanently control. Allies that are only temporarily part of your pack will not remain with your pack if targetted with RoI. Once Investitured, the Ally changes card type to become a Character. RoI has no Renown Requirement Errata: replace Moot with Junta. 11/30/2006 rite
Rite of Renunciation This will not change a Wyrm creature's Aspect or Caste. Equipment that allows you to play Gifts of X group will still allow you to do so. 11/30/2006 rite
Rite of Summoning This forces the next Alpha to attack you, even if they wished to pass and do nothing. Rites do not cross the Gauntlet, so cannot force an alpha on the other side of the Gauntlet to attack the user if he is not a valid target. It will then affect the next Alpha that is in the same world as the Rite user. If played by a non-Alpha character, the alpha attacks it directly: it is not considered a challenge.   rite
Rite of the Black Spiral Rite of the Black Spiral prevents a creature from dying, so effects dependent on the character being dead will not work.(such as Caern of the Snow Leopard or Gathering for the Departed) If facing a frenzied character, RotBS is played when the character takes lethal damage, not when it is hacked apart; that ends the frenzy and the character becomes the user's Ally. The targetted character keeps all attached cards and is now an Ally. It may keep the Fetish Equipment, but can't use it without another card such as Oil of Corruption that lets it use Fetishes. ERRATA: RotBS can only be used by Wyrm characters. 2/27/2007 rite
Rite of Wisdom Errata: Play this card on any 1 of your Characters at the beginning of the current Moot Phase. This Character must always vote first. If the Character votes on at least one Junta and is on the winning side of all Junta she is eligible to vote in, she gains 1 Gnosis and 1 Renown. 9/30/2007 rite
Ritual Challenge You may call for a Ritual Challenge between characters that could not attack each other due to effects such as Tribal Alliance or Loyalty.   moot
Roar-of-Storms Errata: Male   character
Rocket Launcher Errata:Firearm 9/30/2007 equipment
Roll Over The target of a Roll Over may still step in against the pack that played the Gift. This does not cancel Roll Over.   gift
Ronin Garou Garou. Crinos form   victim
Root Beer Charlie He cannot be in a pack with any renown 7+ characters.   character
Run Like Hell Errata: replace Moot with Junta. 9/30/2007 combat action
Saving Face Errata: replace Moot with Junta. 9/30/2007  
Scar Throat Leech-Killer Errata: Male   character
Scarecrow Errata: Creature type: Unbound, Monster 2/27/2007 enemy
Scent of Sweet Honey Errata: Play this at the end of the Regeneration phase. It will last the duration of the Resource phase. 2/27/2007 gift
Scourge-of-Men Scourge’s weakness applies to any male character that joins the pack, even if it is a temporary effect. If a male ally becomes a character, discard Scourge of Men.   character
Scratches-at-Fleas Errata: Male   character
Serpent's Quest This may only be played after the end of the first round of combat.   quest
Shadow Walker Errata: Unique 2/27/2007 ally
Shapeshift Errata: May be used by any creature capable of changing shape (e.g., any two-sided character).   action
Shieldmate creates a pack action. Creates a pack defense. CLARIFICATION: Shieldmate is a redirect, i.e. the opponent chooses targets normal, and the damage is redirected after after dodges, blocks and reversals.   combat event
Shotgun Firearm 6/1/2007 equipment
Shu Horus Errata: Shu Horus can also step into or OUT of the Umbra.   past life
Skin of the Hellbound Errata: A Character equipped with the Skin of the Hellbound is not affected by any Damage Cards of Rage 6 or higher. Clarification: The Skin has no effect on Combat Actions before they resolve and become damage cards (i.e. it only protects against damage and damage effects). 6/1/2007 equipment
Skull Pig Errata: Creature type: Unbound, Monster 2/27/2007 enemy
Sky River Caern BSDs may use Sky River Caern. It does not protect Allies against the Entrapment Quest.   caern
Sneak Attack If a Prey Creature is attacked outside the combat phase, no one may step in and replace it (as there are no Alphas). If Sneak Attack is played during the combat phase to attack Prey, Alphas may step in as normal.   action
Sniper Rifle The Sniper Rifle can be used in combat as a Firearm Weapon. Other firearms specify how they are used in combat. 6/1/2007 equipment
Son of Tyr If multiple characters have attacked him and are Alpha, he may choose which one to attack. If none are Alpha, but can be challenged, he must challenge a character that has attacked him. It does not have to accept. This ability does not grant him multiple Alpha actions. This ability does not extend to Allies or Prey.   character
Song of Rage It can only frenzy creatures capable of frenzying   gift
Song of the Great Beast Errata: Creature type: Animal 2/27/2007 ally
Sower-of-Thunder Errata: Unique   enemy
Spiral Boomerang This can send creatures which cannot step sideways into the Umbra.   equipment
Spirit Drain If a spirit is Spirit Drained while in combat, it is not killed, it is discarded. No one gains Victory Points for killing it.   gift
Spirit drum of Calm-Thunder If you are in the real world and can affect the Umbra and use the drum to cancel the frenzy, the Umbral character cannot attack you back as you are an invalid target.   equipment
Spiritual Revelation Only affects characters, not Allies or Prey. It may be played during combat.   event
St. Vincent's Cathedral Does not protect against Wyrm Allies or Enemies.   territory
Stands Like a Fool This will not cause Prey or Allies to frenzy. Creatures which can't naturally frenzy will not frenzy for SLaF either. SLaF will not work against creatures which cannot lose their ability to play Combat Actions.   action
Step Sideways Errata: May also be used to leave the Umbra   action
Sticky Paws May be used at start of combat or between rounds of combat to steal opponents Equipment, equip it, and then use it on them. Sticky Paws targets the equipment, not the creature. It may thus be used on any creature with Equipment, not just characters. 9/30/2007 gift
Stormcrow Stormcrows may automatically pack attack/defend with any packmember in the Umbra.   ally
Strange Rain Only characters can be Alpha while this Gift is in effect.   gift
Stuck Sideways The target of Stuck Sideways is in both the real world and Umbra. It may only be used when a creature uses an effect that says it steps sideways- other effects that move it into or out of the Umbra without it stepping sideways are unaffected. Stuck Sideways can be used during a combat- it will not end combat. 11/30/2006 event
Subjugation of Gaia This may also destroy Bane Fetishes   gift
Submachine Gun Firearm. Errata: Can only be used in Homid form. 6/1/2007 equipment
Suburban High School Kid This creature pack defends with the High School Athlete when Athlete is attacked, but the Athlete won't defend with the SHSK if it is attacked.   victim
Surprise Ally Creates a pack action. Creates a pack attack.   combat event
Surprise Attack If 2 Surprise attacks resolve against each other, neither creature will do damage. Surprise Attack cannot cancel damage from a Fast Striking effect unless Surprise Attack was also Fast Striking.   combat action
Susan Anthony Susan may start the game with any Kinfolk Ally, including those she does not meet the requirements for.   character
Syntax Errata: Syntax is a Ragabash. Her auspice glyph is wrong in some editions.   character
T.F. MacNeil T.F. can use a Fetish/Bane Fetish of any Gnosis. He cannot use ones with any additional requirements he does not meet. 11/6/2007 character
Take the True Form If a character is killed with Take the True Form, its opponent in combat will get the Victory Points, even if it was not the Gift user. If used outside combat to kill a character, no one gets any Victory Points. Take the True Form is not a damage card, and thus may not be redirected. Characters may counter Take the True Form by immediately playing an effect that send them to Crinos- this will prevent them from dying, including Frenzy if they are in combat. Reversal: Take the true Form will work on any two side character. 11/30/2006 gift
Taking the Death Blow Is not a pack action. It can only be used against a damage card. Effects which lower health or force a shapeshift that results in death can't be interupted by TtDB. See rules on redirecting attacks. 11/6/2007 combat event
Tamara Lovegrove Once Tamara selects a target, she may not change it. If Tamara's target and Tamara simultaneously do lethal damage to each other, the targetted Garou still die without flipping to Crinos.   character
Tanzut Errata: Female   character
Taste of Pain Taste of Pain targets a damage card, thus may affect creatures that cannot be targetted by Gifts because it is targetting the damage card, not the creature.   gift
Taunt Any Ragabash can play Taunt, even if he was not involved in the original challenge. Only Garou can be Taunted.   action
Teeth-of-Titanium Errata: Male   character
Telling Blow This must be the killing blow to take effect. If a Prey Creature kills someone with a Telling Blow, TB has no special effect.   combat action
The Cleaner Errata: Unique   ally
The Docks Errata:If the owner of the Docks prevents someone from equipping, the owner may not equip non-Fetish items this turn- he can still equip Fetish and Bane Fetish items. While the Docks is out, all players except the owner of the Docks must equip all their non-fetish equipment during Closed Play in the Resource phase and the owner of the Docks must equip his non fetish equipment during Open Play in the Resource Phase. The Docks can prevent equipping outside the Resource phase via items like Improvised Weapon or Corporate Credit Card.   territory
The General Police that The General brings into your pack are considered Allies (and are worth full VP to anyone who kills them). His ability to redirect damage only applies to himself and Police he brings into the pack attack/defence; he cannot redirect damage to or from other creatures in the same pack action. Errata: Warrior Caste. 9/30/2007 character
The Piper Joining a pack action is not an action, so characters that can't take actions due to the Piper may be dragged into pack actions. They may not play Combat Actions once in the pack action. Errata: Unique 11/30/2006 enemy
The Pit The bonus applies only to Victims, not Enemies.   territory
The Vigil Forsaken This can be played to target a Rite at anytime, not just when it has first been played.   rite
There you Are! You may play this even if you were not part of the original fight.   action
Th'M'Gregors Errata: Unique   enemy
Throat Bare If a creature who played Throat Bare plays a Combat Action later in the combat by some means, the benefits of Throat Bare end.   action
Thunder Tiger Errata: Male   character
Thunder's Gauntlet TG reduces the target's health to 1 in all forms, including all modifiers. If they had damage, it still only reduces their remaining health to 1. If forced to breed form immediately after TG was used, the character still has 1 health remaining in breed form. The damage from TG may be regenerated and cannot be made aggravated.   equipment
Tibetan Monastery Only affects characters, not Allies.   territory
Toga of Dionysius The user cannot be affected by any Gifts played by anyone. His Equipment may be targeted by gifts that target Equipment. His combat actions may be targeted by Gifts that directly target combat actions. Toga will not prevent opponents from targeting themselves with Gifts. Toga does not cancel Gifts, but it will temporarily render some Gifts attached to opponents that would otherwise affect the user of Toga (such as Gift of the Porcupine or Odor of Skunk) inoperable; consider such Gifts to have empty text boxes with regard to the user of Toga, they work as normal against all other creatures. 11/6/2007 equipment
Toxic Claws Adds damage to a combat action and is regenerated when that action is regenerated. 9/30/2007 gift
Tribal Alliance Errata: This creates Loyalty between members of the named tribes. All X will have Loyalty towards Y, all Ys will have Loyalty to X. Note that only Garou and Bastet have tribes, other Fera do not. 9/30/2007 moot
Tribal War Errata: This creates a Rivalry between members of the named tribes. All X will have Rivalry towards Y, all Ys will have Rivalry to X. Note that only Garou and Bastet have tribes, other Fera do not. 9/30/2007 moot
Tsannik He can use his step sideways ability to chase a creature that has Umbral Escaped. 9/30/2007 character
Umbral Escape Spirits can Umbral Escape: they then exist only in the Umbra. You must return to the real world after using Umbral Escape, even if you have a caern. If an opponent Umbral Escapes and you wish to follow, you say "continue" and play Umbral Escape as your Combat Action the next round.   combat action
Umbral Quest Umbral Quest can only be used by creatures that can Step sideways. If the creature is removed from the Umbra or the Hunting Grounds before this Quest is over, the Quest immediately ends and the creature returns to the physical world and its pack. If removed from play entirely, return it to its pack and the real world when it returns to play. 11/30/2006 quest
Verbena Mage It can use both Illiad and Odyessy Gifts   ally
Victory Party This will not work on Victims. A Wyrm pack using Caern of Rytthikku may use this Rite on Enemies. Errata: Play at the end of the combat. 9/30/2007 rite
Walks-with-Might Errata: Male   character
Wanchese's Bow The Bow’s ability is used as a Slow Striking combat action, and thus may be dodged, blocked, or cancelled as normal. The damage of the attack is equal to the printed renown of the Character - Renown modifiers do not add to the damage done by the Bow. If the user is disarmed before the attack resolves the character will not die, he just just loses the bow. Caern of the Snow Leopard can revive a character that died using the Bow (the attack will still take place). ERRATA: The Bow is a Weapon 11/30/2006 equipment
War Lodge Will only let you attack targets in the same world, unless you have some other way of crossing the Gauntlet. You may only discard cards you control to use War Lodge. You may discard War Lodge to use War Lodge's ability. 11/30/2006 equipment
War paint of Wahya Ohni War Paint cannot be prevented by effects that prevent "regeneration" (such as pentex Refinery)   equipment
Wasp Talons Is a combat card. It may be blocked/dodged as normal.   gift
Wearing the Bear Shirt Both Limited and Full Frenzy are affected by this Gift.   gift
Weasel You may only look for the card Dodge, not Evasion, Fancy Footwork, only the actual card "Dodge".   event
Wendigo Errata You must wait until the next time you draw combat cards normally to draw your extra Combat card. 11/6/2007 event
Whip of the Wicked Opponents may play Block and Strike and then follow up with a damage card. Cards which both block/dodge and damage, such as Leaping Rake must be played (even if they are bluffs) before normal damage cards may be played. Illegal dodges/blocks (such as Riposte or Flicker) must still be played before normal cards can be played but they are still illegal. If facing Prey, all players that could play blocks or dodges must be out of blocks and dodges before any other cards can be played. 11/30/2006 equipment
Wild Animals Errata: Creature type: Animal 2/27/2007 victim
Windchaser Errata: Windchaser's ability should read "Windchaser is +2 Renown for purposes of using Rites."   character
Winter Wolf Errata: The last statement, "This Garou is placed in it's owner's victory points..." should read, "This Garou is place in it's owner's victory pile..." Also, the phrase, "removes any Garou of Renown 6 or higher from play," refers to any ONE Garou of Renown 6 or higher, not all Garou of Renown 6 or higher. Owner means the owner of the card, not someone with temporary control of the character. Winter Wolf cannot target Garou Prey. 2/27/2007 moot
Wyldstorm Gaia characters that end up in Wyrm packs are now Wyrm characters and vice versa. They function entirely as a character of the type of pack they are in. If discarding all Gifts and Equipment kills the highest renown character, it is shuffled in and someone ends up with a dead character. Wyldstorm can force two copies of a character into a pack. If character with a Rivalry are forced into the same pack, discard one of the characters. If any of the selected Characters are in Combat, that combat immediately ends. 1/30/2007 event
Wyrm Skin Only protects the wearer. Packmates in a pack action do not benefit from the rage reduction.   equipment
Zlogar the Unrepentant Errata: He has the Unique keyword.   ally
Zmei Cannot be effected by Gift or things that cause him to lose the ability to play a combat action or cancel combat actions. It can be affected by things that reduce/redirect damage such as Surprise Attack, Beat Unmerciful, Passive Aggression, and Redirected Attack. Items which force it to play cards of a specific Rage will work as normal. (example: Whip of the Wicked) ERRATA: Crinos form. creature type= Unbound: Monster 2/27/2007 enemy