7th Generation
The 7th Generation is composed of occult conspirators dedicated to corrupting the world over to the Wyrm by subtly manipulating society. The 7th Generation is divided into five castes, with members placed according to their specialty. The castes are Business, Government, Medical, Snatcher, and Warrior. Members of the 7th Generation cannot regenerate, frenzy, or step sideways.
An Abomination is a werewolf who has also been turned into a vampire. Abominations are rare indeed, as they are hated by both vampires and werewolves. Abominations are always outcasts from Garou society, and many turn to the Wyrm in desperation. They are considered both werewolves and vampires. Abominations may regenerate, frenzy, and step sideways.
Aggravated Damage
Aggravated Damage is damage that is extremely hard to recover from. Aggravated Damage may not be regenerated, although it may be healed. Mark aggravated damage cards suffered by a creature by rotating them 90 degrees.
A Were-hyena.
Gaia or Wyrm - which side of the cosmic conflict the Character, ally, enemy or victim supports.
A friend of the garou that recruits him, an ally joins the pack in their efforts to save (or destroy) Gaia. Fianna allies are those that are recruited by a Fianna, Bane Allies are those recruited by a Bane Character, etc. Allies are considered to be in crinos form unless they fall into a specific creature category (spirit, human, vampire, etc.)
The pack member who represents his pack in battle during the Combat Phase. A pack only has an alpha during Combat Phase. A different alpha may be selected each turn.
Alpha Action
Each alpha gets an alpha action during the Combat Phase, in descending order of renown.
The Ananasi are werespiders, made up of a colony of normal spiders with a governing sentience. Ananasi usually serve Gaia, though the Hatars, or Goblin Spiders, have turned to the Wyrm.
An ordinary animal known to our real world (eg., wolves, dogs, etc).
Animal Spirit
A spirit of an animal, or a spirit which resembles an animal. A spirit is an animal spirit if it contains an animal name in its title, or is described as such in the text of the card (examples: Wolf Spirit, Anaconda Gafflings). Animal Spirits are considered to be in lupus form.
A were-bull. Apis are an extinct breed of Fera.
The age of destruction, the final cycle, the everlasting corruption, the end of Gaia - a word used by the Garou to denote the days of the final battle with the Wyrm, which many consider to be the present.
A type of equipment; only one piece of armor may be worn (equipped) at a time.
Branch of the Wyrm that the Character serves. Includes Beast of War, Defiler, and Eater of Souls.
An attack is when a Character directly starts a combat with another creature. A creature is considered to be attacked only if they are the target of the attack; it does not include stepping in to defend a Territory, Victim, etc.
A Territory may also be attacked. If no one defends it, it is destroyed.
The phase of the Moon that a garou was born under; commonly thought to determine personality and tendencies. Determines the garou's role in the pack. The auspices are Ragabash (new moon), Theurge (crescent moon), Philodox (half moon), Galliard (gibbous moon), and Ahroun (full moon).
Malignant spirits that possess host bodies, Banes are the Wyrm's vanguard in the Umbra. Bane Characters are some of the most powerful of banes because they have the will to act freely.
A were-feline. Includes, but not limited to, Balam (Were-jaguars), Bagheera (Were-Panthers), and Qualmi (were-lynxes). They are watchful, curious and elegant, almost the exact opposite of the werewolves. Each of the subtypes is considered a Tribe.
Black Spiral Dancers
The Black Spiral Dancers are thoroughly insane and utterly corrupt werewolves who serve the Wyrm. They are the true warriors in the Wyrm's employ. They are considered Garou for the purposes of Lunar Phases, Moon Signs, etc. They may not use auspice-based or breed-based gifts.
Any corrupted area in either the spirit world or the physical world.
A Bluff satisfies one of two conditions: Either thecreature plays no legitimate card during a round of combat, or elects to play a combat action that exceeds her Rage score. A bluff which exceeds a 's Rage score succeeds if the target of the attack also bluffs.
The form that a shapeshifter was born with, and considers most natural.
A sacred place of concentrated spiritual energy where the garou can come into close contact with the Umbra.
A were-bat. The camazotz are an extinct breed of Fera.
The greatest of spirits - the closest thing the Garou have to gods.
A Challenge is when a Character offers combat to another creature; the other creature has the option of declining the challenge. It is not the same as an attack (q.v.)
Changing Breed
The Shapeshifters (Garou and Fera).
A two-sided Character card. Also, a full member of a pack.
Note: When the term "Character" is used on a combat card, it refers to any , not just Character cards. When used on a Sept card, it specifically refers to a Character, unless it is a gift referring to its caster - in that case, it refers to anyone capable of casting the gift.
Combat Round
A single exchange of Combat Actions. Gifts, Actions, Events, and other effects usable at any time may also occur in a combat round.
Wereravens, they serve Gaia as messengers and spies.
Any Character, Ally, Enemy, or Victim.
The half-man, half-wolf combat form of the garou. For game purposes, the following forms are considered identical to Crinos: Archid, Battle (form), Manabozho, Metis, Pithus.
When a creature takes damage equal to or greater than his health, it is dead. Healing will not reverse this condition. In the case of a full Frenzy, the Character is still dead, but just too pissed off to realize it.
A creature is defending when he is the target of an attack or challenge, steps in for an Enemy or Victim in the Hunting Grounds, or defends a territory from an attacker. It is not the same thing as being attacked directly (unless the Character is the target of an attack).
An enemy card. Does not include other packs.
Equip/Ally Phase
Another name for the Resource Phase
Fae, Faerie, Fey
A member of one of the changeling races.
A general term for all non-garou were-critters. There are Fera which serve both Gaia and the Wyrm.
Mystical item, created by binding a spirit into an object. For the purposes of Rage, a fetish is a piece of equipment that requires gnosis to equip.
Bane Fetishes are fetishes that have Banes bound into them; they are only usable by Wyrm Characters. Those that say Gaia Fetish or Fetish (not counting the Fetish in Bane Fetish) are usable by Gaia Characters only. A few Fetishes are also Bane Fetishes, and can be used by either allegiance.
Cards which refer to or affect Fetish equipment (e.g., Deep Journey) also affect Bane Fetish equipment. Cards which affect Bane Fetishes only affect Bane Fetishes.
Once human, these poor souls (some willing, most unwilling) have been warped in mind and body and now wield fantastic powers and hideous mutations. Fomori Characters may frenzy, but cannot regenerate or step sideways. Fomori Prey are considered to be in battle form unless otherwise specified
The shape the Character currently is in (see Breed). Most non-human Enemies and Victims are considered to be in Crinos/Battle form.
A Character in Frenzy has lost rational control of their fighting instinct, and turn into a bloodthirsty killing machine
Lesser spirits, barely sentient. Easily bindable, Gafflings are the lowest level of spirits.
This denotes the earth and related realms, both in spiritual and physical form. The Mother Goddess.
A werewolf, one of the Warriors of Gaia.
The Barrier between the Umbra and the Material world. Effects do not cross the gauntlet (except where otherwise noted).
A human servant of a vampire.
An inherent spiritual ability that the Garou and others may use. A gift is cast based upon the gnosis score of the user, and prerequisites. Breed Gifts are those which have a breed requirement (Homid, Metis, Lupus); Auspice Gifts are those which have an Auspice requirement, and Tribe gifts are those with a Tribe requirement (or of another Shapeshifter, such as Bastet gifts). Breed, Auspice and Tribe gifts are Gaia gifts.
Wyrm Gifts include Aspect gifts (Beast of War, Defiler, Eater of Souls), and those requiring a Wyrm affiliation (e.g., Black Spiral Dancers, 7th Generation, Fomori, or Bane).
If a gift could be considered to be more than one type (e.g., an Insightful Eyes used by a Stargazer Philodox), the user may determine which type it is. This can be important when dealing with a Lunar Eclipse, for example.
A were-boar. Grondr are an extinct breed of fera.
A werebear. The Gurahl serve as Gaia's wisdom, protectors, and healers.
Healing removes a damage card; this includes aggravated damage. An effect that allows you to remove a damage card is considered healing.
The amount of damage someone or something can withstand before dying.
A corrupt Bastet. Any bastet serving the Wyrm (such as Atahualpa) is considered to be a Hellcat. They may still use Bastet gifts and equipment, but cannot summon the Bastet totem(s).
A garou (or other shapeshifter) born of human parents. Also, the human shape that shapeshifters can assume. Note that Homid is NOT the same as Human.
A normal human. Humans are considered to be in homid form.
Hunting Grounds
The region where neutral cards are found. These include Enemies and Victims, and Battlefields. Alphas are never in the hunting grounds - they instead border it.
A Character entering the Hunting Grounds can be the target of attacks just like Enemies or Victims. While in the Hunting Grounds, a Character cannot use Pack resources (including Territories, Caerns or Totems), nor use any form of Pack action.
The time in human pre-history when the garou culled the weak and aged among the humans. Because of this, humans have an instinctive terror of the garou, particularly when the garou has entered Crinos form. This terror is known as Delirium.
Children of the Incarna, but still greater spirits by any measure; demigods.
Iron Riders
Historical name for the Glass Walkers. An Iron Rider is considered to be a Glass Walker for all purposes.
Lesser spirits.
Kailindo is a mystical Garou martial art, developed by the Stargazers. Kailindo takes advantage of the garou's natural ability to shapeshift. Certain combat cards require Kailindo to use. These cards will state that Kailindo is necessary.
Werefoxes from the Orient.
Kinfolk are Garou family members who do not have the recessive gene necessary to make them full-blooded Garou. They usually help out when their werewolf relations need it.
A fetish blade, usually of great potency, and nearly always made of silver. Klaives do aggravated damage.
The code of laws kept by the Garou.
A Mage is a human who has the ability to change elements of reality through force of will alone.
The Character was born of a forbidden union between two Garou (or Fera of the same breed). Metis are deformed, sterile, and shunned. Though metis breed Characters are the same on both sides, they are still considered Garou and shapeshifters. Also, they are considered to always be in Crinos form, as it is their breed form. Metis Characters may frenzy, as well.
Were-alligators who share a racial memory with the Dinosaur Kings, the Mokolé are native to the Amazon Jungle and other lush lands. The Mokole are the memory of Gaia; they have a strong animosity toward the garou.
Moon Bridge
A gate linking two Caerns, allowing for near-instantaneous travel between them. Moon Bridges often appear during ceremonies and Moots. Using a Moon Bridge is not the same as Stepping Sideways.
A conclave of Werewolves. Moots are where issues are brought before the entire Garou Nation (represented in Rage by Moot Cards), and decided upon by all packs.
Were-snakes. Assassins who serve Gaia. Most garou and other Fera believe they are extinct.
Werecoyotes, the Laughter of Gaia.
Anyone you are currently in combat with. It can include Allies, Victims, Enemies, and Characters. When "Opponent" is used on a Combat Action, it refers to thecreature the card was aimed at (not all opponents you are currently fighting).
The player's Characters and allies. A small group of Garou (and others) bound to each other by ties of friendship and mission as opposed to culture.
Pack Action
Any time you have multiple creatures in a combat.
A mega-corporation dedicated to the Wyrm. Branches of Pentex control many corporations and pursue multiple goals. Pentex employs not only humans, but other minions of the Wyrm such as Fomori and Black Spiral Dancers.
Physical World
The "real" world - what you and I perceive. The physical world and the spiritual world (the Umbra) are distinct, and separated by the Gauntlet.
Enemies and Victims. The independent creatures wandering the Hunting Grounds, waiting to get munched. All prey creatures which do not fall into a specific category of creatures (e.g., human, spirit, vampire, etc.) are considered to be in Crinos form.
Wererats. The Ratkin were once herded together and slain by Garou. Now, the survivors skulk in the shadows and make whatever friends they can.
A region in the Umbra so pure in conception that it affects all visitors with its inherent nature and abilities.
Garou (and many other creatures) are extremely resistant to physical damage, and recover from wounds very quickly. They regenerate their lowest non-aggravated damage card at the beginning of the Regeneration phase, removing it from the Character and returning it to the discard pile of the card owner.
The status a Characters holds in werewolf society. Renown also measures the general worth and power of allies, enemies and victims
A restricted card may only be played once per game by each player.
Certain Characters have Rivalries with other Characters. A Character will never be in the same pack as one with which he has a Rivalry. If two Characters with Rivalry somehow end up in the same pack, randomly choose one and discard him. If a Character is alpha, and his rival is also alpha, the rival must be the target of the Character's alpha action attack if he chooses to take an alpha action.
The weresharks, known as Rokea, are usually reclusive and rarely travel to the surface world.
The group of garou that live near and protect a Caern.
A were-creature. Includes garou, bastet, mokole, etc. Does not include Banes, Fomori or non-abomination vampires, even if the creature has two different forms.
Silver Pack
The Silver Pack is elected at the grandest of Garou moots, and they are a representation of the first pack. Usually Silver Packs number between five and 10 members, but there is always at least one member of each auspice. Characters who are members of the Silver Pack will never attack another member of the Silver Pack, and may not be rivals of each other.
Spirits are mystical creatures which frequently interact with the garou.
Step Sideways
Entering or leaving the Umbra, typically through a Caern.
Single-use Fetish, which is discarded after use.
The incarna adopted by an individual or tribe to represent its inner nature.
A group of garou linked by heritage, culture and genetics. For the purposes of Rage, Tribe also refers to Wyrm factions (Pentex, Bane, 7th Generation) or other shapeshifting races (Corax, Nuwisha, etc.).
One complete cycle of Phases.
Certain effects last for a number of full turns. These effects end in the same phase that they started, as closely as can be approximated. For instance, if you use Eye of the Cobra to grab someone at the beginning of Moot Phase, that Gift will expire at the beginning of the next Moot Phase. If you send someone on a Journey to the East in the middle of Resource phase, he will return in the middle of Resource phase two turns later. If an effect happens in the middle of the combat phase, (e.g., an alpha gets a sniff of the Sands of Sleep), use the current alpha's renown to determine when (within the Alpha's actions) the effect ends. Something referring to "a turn" [indefinite article] or "for X turns", is for a full cycle of turns, and something referring to "the turn" or "this turn" [definite article] refers to the current turn (starting with Redraw, ending with Combat). Something that can happen "each turn" or "per turn" can be used once during any single current turn (once in Turn X, once in turn X+1, etc).
The spirit world. Garou are naturally attuned to both the physical world and the spirit world.
Umbral Combat
Combat between two creatures when both exist in the Umbra (either partially or fully).
Only one copy of a unique card may be in play at a time.
Vampires are natural enemies of Gaia garou.
The victor of a combat is (A) the (s) on one side when all opponents of the other side are dead (and not frenzied) (B) the (s) remaining after all of one side escapes from combat through some means, or (C) the defender if the attacker withdraws
War of Rage
The time in pre-history when the Garou attacked the other shapeshifting races. Natural warriors adept at pack tactics, they severely weakened the other races through their pride.
Type of equipment. Eachcreature may only use one weapon at a time, although they may switch weapons in the middle of combat. s without a Weapon card are assumed to be using natural weaponry (tooth and claw).
Manifestation and symbol of Order and Pattern. Computers, science, logic, and mathematics are examples of the Weaver's influence on the material world.
The spirits of dead people. Wraiths are a type of spirit, and are affected by anything which affects spirits.
Manifestation and symbol of pure Change. The chaos of transmutation and elemental force
Manifestation and symbol of corruption, entropy and decay. Vampires are of the Wyrm, as is toxic waste and pollution
Wyrm Creature
A creature that serves the Wyrm (knowingly or unknowingly). Includes Wyrm Characters, allies recruited by Wyrm Characters, and Enemies
To break off from a Battlefield combat, acknowledging the other player as the winner.