Penguin's Rest

Like my life, my website it is a pile of projects, mostly in-progress or incomplete. This page tries to list the public ones.


Head and Lungs
My current blog, includes more about roleplaying, gaming and life as well as cataloguing my medical notes.

Cystic Fibrosis Blog
The ups and downs of my health. [past]

Rage and other card games

Rage, the werewolf card game
Home of the official Rage Apocalypse rules, card spoilers and fan sets. Rage on! [current/done]
Check out my favourite, Call of the Sea.

Rage MSE template
Make your own Rage cards. [done/ongoing]

Roleplaying logs

Shadow of the Windy City: a chronicle of Orpheus
Write up of a tabletop roleplaying game. A fantastic game, and my first game ever set in the USA, specifically Chicago. Uses Orpheus. [08.05]

Millenium City
Logs and information on an IRC roleplaying chronicle. In 1997 an explosion ripped through Oxford, UK. Three years later, Millenium City was built but in the dark streets people with extraordinary powers and doing extraordinary things. Uses Adventure! and inspired by Sorceror. [10/04]

Roleplaying tools and design

Bead werewolf
A set of live roleplaying rules for Werewolf: the Apocalypse that uses beads instead of MET scissors-paper-stone. Only had one playtest! It seemed to work but needs results of game worked in.[12/03]


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