Rage has a lot of keywords and many need no explanation - but we are giving you some anyway. The description and rules are divided into categories of keyword, followed by an alphabetical index.

Keywords by category

Creature classes - Shapeshifters

A Character, Ally, Enemy or Victim
Any were-creature. Includes garou, bastet, mokole, etc. Does not include Banes, Fomori or non-abomination vampires, even if the creature has two different forms. Shapeshifter Allies/Prey are considered to be in Crinos form.
Any Shapeshifter that is not a Garou.


Is Angus, the White Howler a Garou? Is there a White Howler tribe? Angus is a Garou, but is actually a Ronin who is probably a bit delusional. The White Howler tribe became extinct when they fell to the Wyrm and became the Black Spiral Dancers (BSDs).

Garou (werewolves) consist of 13 Gaian tribes and the Black Spiral Dancer (BSD) tribe (affiliated to the Wyrm), as well as Ronin (tribeless) Garou. Garou Characters do not have their creature class on their card, but a Character of any of the 13 tribes, the BSDs or Ronin is a Garou. Garou can frenzy, regenerate and step sideways.

A Garou's tribe is a direct reflection of his lineage. The 13 tribes of Gaia Garou have both allied and warred throughout the course of history. Packs often include members of multiple tribes during these days of the nearing Apocalypse.

Black Fury Glyph Black Furies Fierce and deadly warrior women who defend the wilderness
Bone Gnawer Glyph Bone Gnawers City dwellers, often mistaken for bums.
Children of Gaia Glyph Children of Gaia The most peaceful of all the tribes.
Fianna Glyph Fianna Of Celtic descent, the Fianna are fun-loving and rambunctious.
Get of Fenris Glyph Get of Fenris These proud warriors are largely of Norse descent.
Glass Walkers Glyph Glass Walkers Shrewd businessmen, this tribe has made the city their new territory.
Red Talons Glyph Red Talons These brutal, bloodthirsty wolves hate humans and their cities.
Shadow Lords Glyph Shadow Lords Power-hungry and ominous, these Garou are intent on gaining control of any situation.
Silent Striders Glyph Silent Striders Travelers and wanderers, this tribe is originally from Egypt.
Silver Fangs Glyph Silver Fangs Descended from kings, these Garou are the natural leaders of the 13 tribes.
Stargazers Glyph Stargazers Originally from the East, these Garou seek wisdom and enlightenment.
Uktena Glyph Uktena These Garou dabble in many mysteries and know more about spirits than most other Garou.
Wendigo Glyph Wendigo Fiercely proud, these Garou are descendants of Native Americans.
Black Spiral Dancers Glyph Black Spiral Dancers Wyrm. The Black Spiral Dancers are the Wyrm's elite troups its fight against the Garou, although most are largely insane.

Those familiar with the Werewolf: the Apocalypse will often find that Rage does completely follow the RPG. For instance, because the mechanics for stepping sideways in Rage are different than those of the RPG, some Fera which cannot normally step sideways can do so in Rage. This is normally a simplification, although in this case it can be justified by the mechanics of high levels Gifts, Den Realms, and other methods of getting to the Umbra.

Bastet Glyph Bastet

Bastet (werecats) are Gaia's Eyes, although they prefer to keep secrets rather than tell their allies. Like Garou, Bastet divide themselves into tribes. Bastet can frenzy, regenerate and Step Sideways.

Bagheera Glyph Bagheera Werepanthers and wereleopards, the Bagheera are the most balanced of the Bastet
Balam Glyph Balam Werejaguars, found largely fighting Pentex in South America
Bubasti Glyph Bubasti Sorcerors and dark sages, the shadowcats linger in Egypt where their cat kin once lived.
Khan Glyph Khan The Weretigers, honorable warriors, are almost extinct from prolonged conflict
Pumonca Glyph Pumonca The werecougars patrol the wilds of North America
Qualmi Glyph Qualmi Enigmatic masters of animals and disguise, the werelynxes live almost exclusively in North America.
Simba Glyph Simba The werelions believe they are the rightful leaders of the fractious Bastet
Swara Glyph Swara These werecheetahs are the most restless of the Bastet
Hellcat Glyph Hellcats Wyrm. The Hellcats are Bastet who have fallen to the Wyrm, mostly consisting of the lost Caelican tribe.

Other Fera

Ajaba Glyph Ajaba The Ajaba are werehyenas, scorned by the Bastet and vengeful against everyone. Ajaba can frenzy, regenerate and step sideways.
Ananasi Glyph Ananasi Servants of Queen Ananasa, the werespiders split themselves over the whole triat, working towards their Queen's hidden agenda. Ananasi can regenerate and step sideways.
Corax Glyph Corax Spies and gossips, the Corax are better talkers than fighters. Corax can regenerate and step sideways.
Gurahl Glyph Gurahl Gaia created these werebears as healers of the land, although there are not enough left to do much healing. Gurahl can frenzy, regenerate and step sideways.
Kitsune Mysterious fox shapeshifters from the East. Kitsune can step sideways. A Kitsune may not frenzy except for Fox Frenzies.
Mokolé GlyphMokole The werelizards are the memory of Gaia, carrying memories from the times of the Dinosaur-Kings. Non-homids tend to have Crocodiles or Alligators as breed forms, although many are born of other large lizards. Mokole can frenzy, regenerate and step sideways.
Nuwisha GlyphNuwisha The werecoyotes are Gaia's pranksters. Very few in number, they are all skilled Umbral travellers. They can regenerate and step sideways.
Ratkin Glyph Ratkin Wererats who still see their job to be the culling of humans, a few Ratkin ally with other Fera for more far-seeing goals. Ratkin can frenzy, regenerate and Step Sideways.
Rokea GlyphRokea The weresharks are fearsome predators whose only goal is to survive. In recent years they have been forced to be more proactive in this goal. Rokea can frenzy, regenerate and step sideways.

Creature classes - Other Character

Bane Glyph Banes

Malignant spirits that can possess host bodies or manifest in the physical world, Banes are the Wyrm's vanguard in the Umbra. Bane characters are some of the most powerful of these spirits in existence because they have the will to act freely. Banes can frenzy, regenerate, step sideways.

Bane Allies and Bane Prey are considered Spirits (Bane Characters are not). All Spirit Enemies and Spirit Allies of Wyrm packs are considered Banes. Bane characters are not considered Spirits - they may not be bound, nor are they affected by Gifts, special abilities, or other effects that target Spirits.

Fomori Glyph Fomori

When Banes possess humans (or occasionally animals), they produce a hybrid creature with supernatural - and often disturbing - powers. These creatures often have vile deformities, although the more powerful Fomori can hide them. There are many types of Fomori, including the following (any Fomori without one of these types listed is considered not to have a type):

Iliad Iliad Fomori - "Project Iliad" specializes in manufacturing foot soldiers with potent and disgusting physical powers to work for Pentex. These physically distorted fomori are human-looking at first. Their Battle forms are truly horrible, revealing their vile deformities.
Odyssey "Project Odyssey" focuses on research and the development of mental and psychic powers. Careful use of these powers can be devastating.


Vampires have existed for millenia and are largely unwitting servants of the Wyrm, sometimes very powerful ones. They can frenzy and regenerate.

Abomination Glyph Abominations

Abominations are rare garou who have become vampires, driven mad by Rage and bloodlust. They count as both Vampires and Garou (and so can frenzy, regenerate and step sideways).

Human Glyph Humans

Characters of the following factions are Human unless they have another creature class given. Humans cannot frenzy, step sideways or regenerate.

Executives Glyph Executives: Executives call the shots of their organisation, usually from behind the scenes. At the moment, the only Executive cards are also members of Pentex.

Cults Glyph Cults: Cults are human groups dedicated solely to serving the Wyrm. They are often manipulated by supernatural beings, such as Vampires, Demons or powerful Banes. The Cults faction is divided into smaller cult subfactions.
7th Generation Glyph 7th Generation: The 7th Generation is composed of occult conspirators dedicated to corrupting the world over to the Wyrm by subtly manipulating society. The 7th Generation is divided into five castes. In Ahadi, 7th Generation became the first subfaction of Cults, and all 7th Generation Characters are considered to have the Cult keyword.
Walid Set Glyph Walid Set: A society of decadent corruption created by a group of Followers of Set, a clan of vampires.

Creature classes - non-Character

There are many other creatures that appear in Rage but only on prey or allies. In most cases the creature class is given as a keyword or within the flavor text but where creature class is unclear we list it below under each creature class. Each creature class is given which form they are considered to be in (for using Combat Actions etc). Because it is possible to make most creatures Characters within a game, it is indicated whether they can frenzy, regenerate or step sideways.

The Rage FOO Rule: IF IT S A FOO, IT CAN USE FOO CARDS. Prey and Allies with keywords can use Gifts and Equipment which require those keywords. Remember that all Wyrm spirits are Banes. Prey and Allies may not play Actions, Past Lives, Rites, Totems or pack resources. Equipment cannot be played on or traded to Prey.

A mundane animal. Animals cannot frenzy, regenerate or step sideways. Animals are considered to be in Animal form (Lupus form and Animal form are considered identical). Animals include (but are not limited to) wolves, dogs, pets, etc. Animal also includes Cannibal Slug, Family Pet, Iglanotti the Wise, Junkyard "Dog", Song of the Great Beast and Wild Animals.
Cultists are considered human and can use Cult cards. They include Cult Leader and Cultist.
A member of one of the fae races. Faeries do not regenerate. Faerie characters cannot frenzy, though they can step sideways. Faeries are considered to be in Homid form. Faerie cards include Sidhe Knight, Surly Redcap and Unseelie Troll.
Fomori Prey/Allies are considered to be in Crinos form. Fomori and creatures that can use "Fomori" Gifts can use both Iliad Fomori and Odyssey Fomori Gifts.
Garou include are Shadow Walker, Siberakh Relation, Arkady, Nightmaster and Lost Cub. It does NOT include Garou Kinfolk or Renegade Werewolf Hunter.
Humans are considered to be in Homid form. Humans include Pentex Allies/Prey which do not have another creature class, 7th Generation (and other Cultists) and many Kinfolk. They also include A Bus Full of People, Beat Cop, Bob Goldstein, Brazilian Bureaucrat, Candomble Witch Doctor, Corporate Security, Detective Jourgensen, El Guapo, Enticer, Environmental Action Group, Family of Five, FBI Agent, Granola Pete, Greenpeace Assault Team, Hapless Villagers, Happy Tourists, High School Athlete, Honest Senator, Joseph Herlech, Liberal Pop Singer, Mad Scientist, Mail Man, Man in Black, Moon Sisters Cult, Movie Star, Neighborhood Watch Group, Newspaper Vendor, Playground Full of Kids, Priest, Psychotic Stalker, Red-headed Stepchild, Renegade Werewolf Hunter, Street Bum, Suburban High School Kid, Survival Nut, Swat Officer, The Cleaner, The Piper, Tourist Litterbug Lout, Twilight Operative, Tribal Warriors, Unwitting Ghoul, Vigilante and Zlogar the Unrepentant.
Relatives of Garou or Fera that are not shapeshifters. Kinfolk are considered to be in Homid form (or Animal form if Animal). They are also either a Human or Animal.
A worker of true magic. Mages are always considered to be Human. A mage may step sideways. Mages include El Dorado.
Monster Allies/Prey are considered to be in Crinos form and are all Unbound. Monsters include Ewaipanoma, Griffin Avatar, Meat Puppet, Pumpkin Man, Pup Pid, Scarecrow, Skull Pig and Zmei
An employee or minion of the Pentex corporation. Pentex creatures who are not also another creature (such as garou or fomori) are considered to be human.
Any Character card which has a seperate breed form and crinos/battle form. Shapechanger is not a creature class but is included here for clarity.
Natives of the Umbra which normally can interact with the physical world as well. Unless stated otherwise, a spirit is treated as being in both the physical world and the Umbra, and can affect and be affected by creatures in either. Spirits are considered to be in Crinos form, except Faerie Spirits and Wraiths (which are considered to be in Homid form). Spirits cannot frenzy, regenerate or step sideways.
Spirits include Wraiths, Banes (other than bane characters), Jagglings, Gafflings, Celestines and Incarna.
Cannot be bound - Spirits that cannot be bound also cannot be commanded, controlled or made an Ally in any way, shape or form. They likewise cannot be affected by any Gifts SPECIFICALLY targeting spirits such as Exorcism or Spirit Drain.
See Monsters above.
Vampire Allies/Prey are considered to be in Homid form. Vampires include Tremere Warlock
Wraiths are the ghosts of the dead and are considered a type of Spirit. Wraiths are considered to be in Homid form.


Any keyword denoting membership of an organisation is a Faction keyword, although the term has no strong meaning. Tribes, Cults (and its sub-factions) and even creature classes are considered Factions. Breeds, spiritual roles and ability keywords are not generally considered Faction keywords.

Pentex Glyph Pentex - A huge multinational holding company, Pentex works to despoil the earth and befoul all that is pure. Pentex has both Executives and Fomori within its ranks.

Unbound Glyph Unbound - Long before Pentex existed, the Wyrm had powerful servants who served their masters in their own special ways. Such creatures still exist, free of the Pentex hierarchy. They are the Unbound. Note that Unbound is not a creature class. Any Unbound creatures which don't have a Creature Class printed on the card (e.g. Fara'un Shark is a Fomori) are Monsters (e.g. Zmei).

Spiritual Roles

Auspice: Garou are greatly influenced by the moon, which they call Luna. The auspice of a Garou, the phase of the moon under which she was born, outlines that Garou's role in society. Ajaba also have Auspices, although they are determined by other means.

Ragabash Glyph RagabashNew Moon: The Trickster.
Theurge Glyph TheurgeCrescent Moon: The Seer.
Philodox Glyph PhilodoxHalf Moon: The Judge.
Galliard Glyph GalliardGibbous Moon: The Moon Dancer.
Ahroun Glyph AhrounFull Moon: The Warrior.

Only Garou and Ajaba have Auspices. Such Characters in Wyrm packs cannot use Auspice Gifts unless they are allowed to by a special ability or another card, although they can gain other benefits from their Auspice.

Aspect: Most Wyrm Characters have an Aspect, a tie to one of the three heads of the Wyrm.

Beast-of-War the face of calamity.
Defiler the face of corruption.
Eater-of-Souls the face of consumption.

Characters in Gaia packs cannot use Aspect Gifts unless they are allowed to by a special ability or another card, although they can gain other benefits from their Aspect.

Caste: Human Cultists each belong to a Caste which designates their role in the organisation.

Business CasteThe financiers of the cultists, often skilled at obtaining resources.
Government CasteThe leaders of the cults who normally have infiltrated local government.
Medical CasteSkilled in not only healing but also developing "medical solutions" to problems.
Snatcher CasteDifferent cults have different rituals but they all need victims, and this caste obtains them.
Warrior CasteSkilled in fighting and military tactics. Treat the Military Caste (on The General) as Warrior Caste.

Characters in Gaia packs cannot use Caste Gifts unless they are allowed to by a special ability or another card, although they can gain other benefits from their Caste.

Standard Animal Breeds

ParentsBreed & breedform
Bear - Ursine
Cat - Feline
Coyote - Latrani
Crocodile/Lizard - Suchid
Crow - Corvid
Fox - Kyubi
Hyena - Hyaena
Rat - Rodens
Shark - Squamus
Spider - Arachnid
Wolf - Lupus


A Character's breed indicates which form she considers to be her most natural; it also identifies whether she was born into the world of humans or some other creature. Note that Characters with a Crinos/Battle form do not have their Breed listed on the Crinos/Battle form side of the card, but they are always considered to have their Breed keyword present.

Characters in Wyrm packs cannot use Breed Gifts unless they are allowed to by a special ability or another card, although they can gain other benefits from their Breed.

Ability keywords

Ability keywords indicate a skill learned.

Iksakku - A stick-fighting martial art taught by some Children of Gaia.

Kailindo - A fighting style that combines natural shapechanging with Eastern martial arts, perfected by the Stargazers. A creature with Kailindo can use combat cards with a Kailindo requirement.

Rivalry and Loyalty

Rivalry and Loyalty are creature keywords. Rivalry and loyalty may be referenced by other cards but also have inherent effects.

Certain creatures have Rivalries with other creatures (or creatures with specific keywords). A creature will never be in the same pack as another creature with which it has a Rivalry; they cannot even join the same pack temporarily due to another card effect (like Master of the Pack or Eye of the Cobra). If two creatures with Rivalry do somehow end up in the same pack, randomly choose one and discard him.
If a creature with Rivalry declares an attack, and a creature that he has Rivalry with is among the valid targets, the character MUST declare an attack on the Rival. This includes Alpha attacks as well as attacks outside of the normal alpha sequence (eg, Sneak Attack). It does not include challenges.
Loyalty is the opposite of Rivalry. A creature loyal to another creature may not attack that creature, though he may defend himself if attacked.
Characters with Loyalty may not be given a Rivalry to the target of their loyalty; likewise a character with Rivalry may not be given loyalty to the target of their rivalry. Rivalry and Loyalty do not affect whether creatures can join Pack Actions or not, or who they can target with cards and effects.

Fast and Slow Striking

Fast Striking and Slow Striking are Combat Action keywords. In the Resolution step (see Combat Rounds), Fast Striking Combat Actions resolve before normal Combat Actions, which resolve before Slow Striking Combat Actions. There is no opportunity to use card effects between resolution, except for those which trigger off damage dealt. A creature removed from combat (including killed) must discard any unresolved Combat Actions they played this turn.

Slow Striking Combat Actions are slower than normal Combat Actions, which are slower than Fast Striking Combat Actions. Combat Actions are unaffected by Combat Actions slower than themselves (e.g. a Fast Strike cannot be dodged by a Fancy Footwork - unless that Fancy Footwork was itself Fast Striking due to, for instance, Spirit of the Fray).

Combat Actions cannot be given more than one of each of these keywords. Combat Actions with both Fast Striking and Slow Striking act at normal speed.

Other keywords

Other keywords exist which have no effect in themselves but are referenced by other cards (e.g. Firearm).

Keyword A-Z

The following is just a collection of keywords. It will eventually form the basis of a rules index.

7th Generation
Abomination - A werewolf vampire Character creature class
Animal - Non-Character creature class
Black Furies
Black Spiral Dancers (BSDs)
Bone Gnawers
Business Caste
Cannot be bound
Children of Gaia
Combat Restricted
Cult/Cultists - as Character, as creature
Creature - A Character, Ally, Enemy or Victim
Dark Trinity
Fast Striking
Fomori - as Character, as creature
Get of Fenris
Glass Walkers
Government Caste
Iliad Fomori
Medical Caste
Odyssey Fomori
Pentex First Team
Red Talons
Shadow Lords
Silent Striders
Silver Fangs
Silver Pack
Slow Striking
Snatcher Caste
Walid Set
Warrior Caste
White Howler